5 High-Speed Tray Packing Machines

Do you want to increase the production speed in your manufacturing unit? It would make your profits skyrocket and enhance the quality of work of your laborers, as well as increase their skill set.

The best way to do this is to install a high-speed tray packing machine. This will cut down the time it takes to bring your product to the finish line significantly, meaning you can make more in less time!

What Is Tray Packing?

Having trouble picking your fresh produce or frozen meat? Look no further. Tray packing is the process of applying film lids made of plastic, usually to trays. These trays can vary in the material they are made out of, size and depth. Tray packer machines include heat sealers, lidding machines, and top sealers. It is an optimal solution for any packaging problems you are facing.

You can install just any tray packing machine, but you would be doing yourself justice by getting the best of the best. Below we have briefly described the fastest tray packing machines so that you can get the most out of a single day of production. Tray packing machines are almost exclusively aimed at the food industry.


The ULMA TSB 300 tray sealer is extremely fast and efficient. It is specially designed to pack fresh or frozen food in trays. Sealable heat lids seal these trays. It can do up to 12 cycles a minute while cutting and sealing and 11 cycles a minute in MAP.

It is designed to be very compact, so this is the machine you want to buy if you have limited floor space and want to save space for other machines. It offers vacuum packing, and it can make a modified atmosphere (MAP), so it suits your products.

The transport system for trays is also very effective, as it is fitted with rollers to make transport easier. Its production performance is high. The ULMA TSB 300 is completely automatic and is a good start if you are getting into buying packaging trays. This tray sealer is also very versatile and has been designed in a specific way to work with various tray sizes and shapes.


ULMA’s SMART 500 tray sealer follows very closely. It can do up to 8 cycles per minute while cutting and sealing trays and up to 5 cycles in MAP. This machine is semi-automatic and can work on all kinds of preformed trays.

ULMA’s SMART 500 can make MAP a modified atmosphere to accommodate the food being packed. It also offers vacuum packing. It has a manual tray transport system as well, and the performance level is high.

The cycle does not need any human intervention and is automatic. You will, however, need an employee to activate the start buttons. There are two, which need to be activated together, after which a sequence of operations begins. The ULMA SMART 500 follows ISO 9001’s quality and safety standards.

It is fully equipped with safety switches and control circuits. It is very simple to operate as well, as it has automatic cycles, the tray ejection is adjustable, and it can be programmed with data for a maximum of 20 setups. It is considered a tough competitor in the market.


The Multivac T100 is made especially for the food industry. It is also designed to be compact to save up a lot of space in your factory. This machine can also be programmed to be of use to the food and the pharmaceutical industry. It can be fit in a limited space and thus is known to be very versatile.

If you are looking for a machine but still want to save space while fitting it in, this machine is perfect for you. It is an economical solution if you produce and pack in small batches. The Multivac T100 is also known to be very user-friendly. This machine can be bought and used individually as well, meaning it does not need another machine or part to complete the job. The T100 is operated by electricity, thus water to cool down the machine, so it does not get overworked, is not needed.


The KBT-450/1S is sold by Shandong Kangbeite Food Packaging Machinery CO., LTD. This machine is also completely automatic, and thus there is no need to hire multiple employees to operate this.

In addition, it comes with a function to vacuum the tray and seal it as well. The KBT-450/1S has the power of 7.5KW and can pack up to 2-6 trays per cycle and 2-3 cycles per minute. It also offers a modified atmosphere (MAP) with 1 mold.

ULMA TSA 1200 XL tray sealer

This tray sealer machine has extremely high performance. It can go up to 15 cycles per minute. It also saves energy, which can decrease costs for your firm. This tray sealer is completely automatic, which decreases the need to employ manual labor.

You should only buy this product if your business has a high production line or your processes demand high accuracy in how the trays are positioned and sealed. This machine can be modified depending on the requirements of the products you need packed. Another highlight of this machine is that it is very easy to clean and easy to use.

 It is user-friendly, so if you do not have a lot of experience with packaging machines, this one will not cause you much confusion. The maintenance costs are also quite low. It also comes equipped with a lubrication system that is centralized to the whole machine so that less maintenance is needed and a customizable interface, which makes it even more user-friendly.

Final Thoughts!

The 5 top tray sealers have been briefly described in this article. You must choose what machine to buy after looking at what exactly your business requires. If you have less floor space, perhaps think about buying a more compact machine to save space.

Make sure you look at what features the machine is offering and what you need. Happy choosing!

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