5 Home Improvements That Will Make You Safer

There are many projects you can undertake to improve your home, but none are as important as these five. They’ll keep you safe and secure in your home.

Find And Fix Flaws In Your Foundation

Your foundation is what holds your whole house together, so making sure it’s solid is incredibly important. Here are the signs it’s time to call in professionals.

  • You notice visible cracks in the foundation.
  • Parts of your home appear unlevel.
  • Gaps are showing up around your windows and doors.
  • Your walls or floors are cracking.

If you notice any of these signs call in professionals like Kansas City foundation repair to evaluate the situation. It may be tempting to put off this sort of repair, but the longer you wait, the more it’ll end up costing you.

Stop The Leaks

Leaks in your roof or walls can lead to water damage, rotting wood, and mold. Even small leaks can do major damage over time, so don’t underestimate them. So how do you know if there’s a leak in your home?

  • Check your water meter. You can do this by turning off all water sources in your home, waiting two hours, and then checking your meter. If it has gone up while everything was off, you have a leak.
  • Keep an eye on your bill. If your water bill is suddenly higher and you can’t come up with an explanation, it’s time to look for a leak.
  • Check under sinks and in the back of cabinets for strange smells, dampness, or visible mold.

Once you determine you have a leak, it’s best to call in plumbers to repair the issue. Leaks can often be in more than one place, so just fixing what you can see yourself might not be enough.

Fix The Fire

Fireplaces are a popular and useful design feature. There’s nothing like sitting in front of the warm glow of a fire on a cold night. To operate them safely, improve them to keep your house a safe place to live.

  • Have broken or cracked bricks or chimney tiles replaced.
  • Install fireplace doors so children or pets can’t wander into the fireplace.
  • Have it inspected and cleaned by a professional yearly.
  • Replace the damper every few years. Dampers control the airflow of a chimney and need to be working properly at all times.
  • Have a firebrick installed behind the fireplace.
  • Bonus tip: Don’t forget to check that your fire alarm is working before using your fireplace, just in case.

Once you’ve made sure everything is in working order, you can enjoy your fireplace in peace.

Install Security

A home security system protects you, your family, and your belongings. Installing a system is one of the greatest improvements you can make to keep you safe.

  • Alarms frighten away thieves and alert your neighbors that something is wrong.
  • Studies have shown that areas with registered burglar alarms are less likely to be the targets of break-ins.
  • Modern security systems allow you to monitor your home via an app.
  • Having an alarm system can lower your home insurance by up to 20%.

With an alarm system in place, you can leave your home with peace of mind.

Repair Your Roof

The roof protects you and your home from all of nature’s elements. Give it what it needs to keep you safe by regularly having it inspected and repaired.

Types of damage to watch out for include:

  • Damage from large hail. Hail can destroy shingles when it hits them at great speed.
  • Water spots on your ceiling. These indicate there’s a leak in need of repair.
  • A drooping or sagging roof. This indicates moisture has become trapped and maybe rot your roof.

Fix these issues sooner rather than later. A simple issue can turn into a whole replacement if it’s ignored for too long. The damp proofing services cost can vary depending on several factors. These include the size of the property, the severity of the damp problem, and the type of damp proofing service required.

Get started with these five tips today and you’ll be well on your way to feeling safer in your home.

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