5 Incredible Wall Mirror Ideas to Make Small Home Look Bigger

Mirrors are used to make rooms look bigger than they are. Many different types of mirror designs can be added to a home or office. Frameless and framed mirrors can be customized to suit the needs of an individual either in commercial or residential premises. Most individuals who look up to creating an attractive interior for a home ensure that they select the most attractive designs. Wall mirror patterns require some form of creativity so that you can achieve an attractive interior. Without creativity, you might end up having a difficult time transforming an old space to look stylish and elegant. If you are looking forward to identifying the best way to introduce mirrors to your home to make space look bigger, you came to the right place. You will have an understanding of how you can incorporate the framed or frameless mirrors in a small apartment to make them look bigger. Let us find out more about this below.

5 Incredible Wall Mirror Ideas to Make Small Home Look Bigger


Large Floor to Ceiling Mirrors Facing a Window

What kind of scenery do you have outside your home? You may be living next to a water body like an ocean and would find it interesting to reflect it on your indoor mirrors. This can be best achieved by installing the floor to ceiling mirrors in the living room. Floor to ceiling mirrors has a large surface area that will reflect most of the scenery outside. Mostly, they work best if they are installed opposite large windows. This does not, however, mean that you only need large windows for the large wall mirrors to look fantastic and exciting. Small windows can also work out well if you live in a small rented apartment.


Arranging Mirrors in the Series on Your Walls

Mirrors arranged in series make an interior look unique and artistic. Different sizes of mirrors are cut to size so that they can be fitted on walls to create a series pattern. The pattern can be a series of rectangular mirrors with the most significant being in the middle. If the largest I in the middle, the sides are fitted with smaller rectangular mirrors that to complete a series. This is a great way to decorate your home and make the walls eye-catching. Frameless wall mirrors are the most preferred design for this kind of design. They can be bought from fab glass and mirror, which offers high-quality mirrors that are durable and cost-effective.


Creating Mosaics with Mirrors

Where do you take your mirrors when they shatter? Your first response will be to dump them or safely bury them. Well, this is an environmentally friendly way of disposing of them to avoid injuries to people around your home or office. But did you know you can use the broken mirror pieces to create wall mosaics? The broken pieces are perfectly shaped so that they can be used to make unique mosaic patterns on walls. The mosaic patterns are made of broken mirrors that are fitted on the walls using strong adhesives. Silicon adhesives are the most suitable due to their strength and durability. When creating wall mosaics using mirrors, you should ensure that you draw a pattern of what you want to create on the wall. It will help you minimize errors and produce amazing designs and patterns.


LED Mirrors for Highlighting Walls

LED wall mirrors have gained popularity among modern homeowners due to their uniqueness. LED strips can be installed around mirrors so that they can light up space where they are installed, Lighted walls are eye-catching and difficult to ignore. The LED mirrors are best if you have a gallery wall where you hang artwork that makes your home stand out. The LED mirrors with hooks can be hanged at any position that is appropriate for decoration. You do not need to be an expert to identify the kind of LED lighting that you need for decorative mirrors. Mostly, the bright colored ones are recommended if you have to keep your space looking bright and welcoming. LED lights that are dull can be boring and have a negative effect on the mood of the homeowners. If you are anticipating on adding a home LED mirror, then you should focus on finding the bright types and hang them in a strategic position where they are visible.


Decorative Mirrors at the Entrance

The elegance of using decorative mirrors is only realized when you install them perfectly and in the right positions. Using decorative mirrors at the entrance can be a good source of natural light reflection. As well as, it can create a welcoming feel for the family members and guests.

To wrap this up, decorative mirrors can turn your home from boring to being the most attractive space you ever wanted. The design of wall mirrors that you want is dependent on the level of elegance and class that you want to achieve in the long run. If you are not conversant with interior d├ęcor routines, you can contact professionals at fab glass and mirror.

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