5 Instagram Content Strategies That Bring Best Engagement in 2019

Boosting your post engagement on social media is one of the most important tasks for any social media marketer. With Instagram acquiring the status of most effective influencer marketing platform on the web, new techniques get introduced every so often

Boosting your post engagement on social media is one of the most important tasks for any social media marketer. With Instagram acquiring the status of most effective influencer marketing platform on the web, new techniques get introduced every so often. Where in the past, a simple and plain single image or picture posts used to rule, things have changed quite dramatically lately. Instagram bosses have also realized the need for new strategies and introduced nothing short of amazing options.

When you know the right strategies for your Instagram posts in 2019, post engagement can be boosted to new levels. It is all about posting the right content, in the right way and for the right audiences. Posting at the right time also contributes big when it comes to maximum engagement. Here are a few professional Instagram content strategies that have the ability to bring about maximum engagement for content posts in 2019:


1: Stories Including Promotional Content

Even though Instagram has been around for quite a while now, Instagram stories saw their first light back in 2016. Today, it is hard to imagine Instagram without stories. Even though Snapchat might have gotten there first, these are now popular amongst all social media platforms. On Instagram, stories are now more popular than regular posts. Appearing at the top of anyone’s home feed, these are viewed by many people.

For content marketers on Instagram, Stories provide the best place for any promotional content to be. When you have an attractive and persuasive Stories image, people find it hard to miss them. When starting out on a business promotional Instagram profile, you might need to Instagram Comments and followers. Once your base is strong, posting interesting stories will help you multiply on them.


2: Swipe Up Links in Stories and Posts

For business profiles based on products, reading the material or any other informative content needing viewers to land on pages outside Instagram, Swipe Up Links are the best option. These can be used in Instagram Stories or regular Posts where users can swipe up on their smartphone screen to land on the intended link. Since their introduction, these swipe up links have proven to be very effective for marketers on the social media channel.

You can link any external homepages, product pages or even links to other apps like YouTube and others. People liking your content in this swipe up links will naturally want to explore more landing on pages or locations in your links. Till now, swipe up links have not shown in the search panel on Instagram. Yet, these are very useful for product or services-based Instagram profiles looking for maximum post engagement.


3: Clickable Links in Descriptions

When you are looking solely to boost post engagement, post descriptions often provide the best results. For posts that have promotional content in them, descriptions are used to provide information to viewers. It is possible to have clickable links in post descriptions that land users on the intended product pages. When writing your post description, you simply enter the URL of the intended page and it becomes clickable. Its customary blue color separates it from the regular text on Instagram.

When you have a homepage on your linked website that needs the most attention, a clickable link can also be used in your Instagram Bio. However, since we are discussing post engagement, sticking to clickable description links is the way to go. Short URLs in descriptions often provide the best results. More than one link can also be used but only when there is adequate separation between them.


4: High-Quality Video Posts with Links

Videos on Instagram have gained popularity year on year. For promotional Instagram profiles and content, video content grew to about 18% in 2018 from 10% in 2017. The quality of videos has a lot to do with engagement along with the links you have in descriptions.

Instagram only allows for a 1-minute video to be uploaded in specific high-definition formats. Following guidelines, you should be able to upload fine-quality videos that maximize post engagement. Once your shared videos become viral, there is nothing stopping your follower numbers to grow quickly as well.


5: Search Pane Featured Posts

Instagram search pane posts are now bringing about maximum engagement. Available to followers and non-followers in their search panes, these posts also specialize in bringing new followers to your profiles. To get featured in the Instagram search pane has a few requirements as well. Your posts need to have a certain amount of likes and comments in them to get featured.

You can simply buy your required post comments in order for your posts to quality to be featured. Once your promotional content posts are in search panes, they will surely be boosted in engagement as they will reach out to the masses. Instagram post engagement can be that difference maker for any business profile that intends to boost its business. Be sure to have a maximum engagement for the best results.

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