5 Intimate Ceremony Settings for Every Style Wedding

Although commonly confused with wedding themes, wedding styles represent the overall design and aesthetic of the celebration, being directly related to your taste and style. But because wedding styles are aplenty, selecting the one that appeals to you the most can be quite a challenging task, especially when planning an intimate ceremony where the smaller details are just as important as the overall feel.

To help you make the best decision, here are some of the most common wedding styles, as well as the best intimate ceremony settings in Australia to choose from:

1. Romantic outdoor weddings

Romantic outdoor weddings

Gravitating towards the more classic wedding style, romantic weddings tend to celebrate love with soft lighting, neutral tones, and beautiful details such as long, flowing, or lace dresses.

This wedding style often incorporates soft colors like ivory and blush combined with more natural elements in the form of beautiful natural surroundings and wonderful floral arrangements, while also including soft candles, plenty of champagne, and any other aspect that emulates that warm and cozy feeling of love.

A great thing about such classic weddings is that they can be held anywhere, from historic houses to opulent castles.

However, the most popular venue options for romantic weddings in Australia tend to be stunning vineyards and gorgeous beaches, such as the wine regions of Swan Valley and Hunter Valley, or the sandy beaches of the Queensland coast.

2. Minimal and modern weddings

Minimal and modern weddings

Creatives, city dwellers, and all lovers of modern design often gravitate towards a more contemporary and minimal wedding style. As this type of celebration mostly focuses on the elegance and beauty of simplicity, minimal weddings tend to be more subtle and toned down while still looking sleek and sophisticated, an aesthetic that is easily achieved through unique textures and surfaces like marble or rich metallics.

The theme of elegant simplicity can be woven through the entire celebration as well, from sleek table linens and a subdued color scheme to sophisticated cocktails and minimal desserts, including more unique aspects such as personalized modern logos or monograms.

When it comes to the ceremony setting, chic rooftops and modern lofts in cities like Brisbane and Melbourne are great options for modern minimal weddings.

3. Elegant and glamorous weddings

Elegant and glamorous weddings

Couples who have an affinity for the finer things in life might prefer a more glamorous and luxurious wedding style. Although this might be a broad term that encompasses many different themes and color palettes, opulent weddings often have one thing in common – a white base combined with glitz, sparkle, and elegant metallics.

For those who wish to go a step further, luxurious weddings are also ideal for incorporating more extravagant and memorable details, whether that means stunning flower walls, high-end food, or even a fireworks display.

For such a glamorous celebration, Sydney wedding venues might be the perfect option. Such opulent venues offer glistening crystal chandeliers, stunning gold detailing, as well as a luxurious palatial decor, truly providing the ideal background for the most stylish and elegant wedding of your dreams.

4. Charming rustic weddings

Charming rustic weddings

For those who enjoy more casual and relaxed celebrations, on the other hand, a rustic wedding can be the perfect option. Even though this style can include a wide array of different themes and forms, the aspect that provides rustic weddings with such unique charm is the inspiration they take from farm-to-table experiences.

Mostly held on local farms, ranches, or even renovated barns, such as those found in picturesque New South Wales towns, rustic weddings often fully embrace the charming countryside aesthetic. This wedding style combines a soft and neutral color scheme with natural materials like wood and burlap or even organic aspects such as foliage and fresh greenery, with its most appealing aspect being the staple fresh and delicious food.

5. Green and natural weddings

Green and natural weddings

Another modern wedding style, green and eco-friendly weddings have become an incredibly popular option among more conscious couples. While this style can encompass a wide array of decor options as well, all green weddings aim to incorporate as many natural elements as possible, while being respectful to the environment.

This usually means choosing a more homely setting such as open-air gardens or even backyards, and opting for subtle, more organic decor. Linens are often avoided to expose wonderful wooden textures, tables are decorated with succulents and potted plants, and eco-friendly elements like seeds as favors or menus made from recycled paper are always included.

There’s a wide array of different wedding styles suited to different couples and their unique needs. All you need to do is choose a style that appeals to you the most, and the perfect ceremony setting will be awaited.

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