5 Jobs That Will Take You on Wild Adventures

One of the things that a lot of people find lacking in their life is the lack of adventure. You see, for the majority of people, an unexpected delay of a shipment is the highlight of adrenaline that they will be exposed to throughout the week. Sure, to a lot of people, the lack of unpredictable occurrences is a positive thing, however, for those who lack some adventure in their lives, this type of employment is simply unbearable in the long run. With that in mind and without further ado, here are the top seven jobs that will let you take on wild adventures.

Wild Adventures Jobs

1. A professional athlete

Being a professional athlete will give you a chance to turn everything you do into a challenge. This means that every single preparation camp and every single competition represents a high-adrenaline type of scenario. Apart from this, you also need to keep in mind that this is a line of work that will take you all over the globe which, on its own, means that you’ll have a much higher chance of experiencing a wild adventure. Just keep in mind that the arduous physical training and the nature of the competition mean that a professional sport is an industry that has the highest number of injuries per 10,000 workers (around 1,500). Therefore, it’s not for everyone.

2. Park ranger

Those who are interested in taking care of the environment while experiencing numerous adventures might want to consider becoming park rangers. The first benefit of this line of work is the fact that you’re always outdoors. The second advantage is the fact that you have immediate contact with both nature and wildlife. Sure, most of the time you’re not doing anything particularly exciting, however, once there’s an emergency like an aggressive animal on the loose or a forest fire, you’ll have an opportunity to shine. Keep in mind that your training, courage, and your ability to solve problems on the go might determine your success in this field.

Park ranger

3. First responders

Another thing you should consider is becoming a first responder. The type of adventures that police officers on active duty or paramedics undergo in a single night is something that an average person is unlikely to experience throughout the years of their career. This is also a type of job that allows you to meet a lot of interesting people in the line of duty.

Keep in mind that a bulk of this is not pleasant and that some cases involve heavy injury, horrible acts of violence and vandalism, and sometimes even require intervention from domestic violence lawyers. All in all, it’s a job for those who require their daily dosage of adrenaline but also for those who are empathetic enough to bear with these things.

4. Crab fishing

Anyone who has ever watched an episode of Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel knows exactly how exciting this line of work can be. One of the most popular options is to become a snow crab fisherman. However, finding work on a fishing boat is not a simple thing. Moreover, chances are that you will have to go to Alaska to find suitable employment. The reason why this is so adventurous is because according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is still one of the most dangerous occupations (even though it no longer occupies the No.1 spot). All in all, it’s something that you need to be ready for.

5. Wildlife photographer

Those who want to experience wild adventures while creating art needn’t look further than becoming wildlife photographers. The reason why this is such an amazing idea is that you A) get to preserve memories of species that might soon be gone (unless we quickly do something about it) and B) the fact that you get to visit some of the most amazing places on earth. Keep in mind that your photographs might end up on pages of major magazines and portals specializing in wildlife preservation. The job, however, is not without its dangers and you might need some substantial investments to get started.

Wildlife photographer

In conclusion

As you can see, there are just too many options out there for all those who are looking for a wild adventure. This gives you the privilege to choose your occupation based on your personality and personal disposition. In a lot of scenarios, these occupations are high-adrenaline, yet, you would be surprised at how often you’ll get a chance to express your creativity or practice your problem-solving skills.

For those who are interested in getting to work in any of the above-listed fields, it’s highly advisable to do some research first and even speak to people from the industry to get some first-hand experience.

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