5 Key Benefits Of Boosting Your Energy Levels

Most adults experience low energy at some point. It often causes unfocused moods and physical exhaustion. A recent study conducted by the Center for Diseases Control (CDC) reported, “Among adults aged 18-44 years, women were nearly twice as likely as men (15.7 percent versus 8.7 percent) to often feel very tired or exhausted.” This can stem from multiple factors. However, there are three main categories to check in with first, nutrition, mental wellbeing, and physical health.

With a bit of revamping of your overall health, you will see the benefits of why boosting your energy levels is priority number one:

  • Better productivity – Nothing can feel as endless as a long day at work. When experiencing low efficiency, the body and mind are using every drop of energy to get through the moment. Instead of nurturing your drained stamina, reward it with a nutritious snack and a break. This small retreat will allow the mind to process all the information it has received and respond with better performance both professionally and personally.

Stick with foods that provide natural energy like bananas and yogurt. For a more stable meal, focus on fatty fish, like salmon, and brown rice. This is also a great time to drink plenty of water. Use the rest of your break to take yourself on a short walk. Reward yourself with a piece of dark chocolate when you return for a sweet energy boost.

  • Keeps your brain happy – The brain is the central nervous system to all aspects of our overall health. It controls each response and mood stability. When it is deprived of healthy habits, the brainpower shuts down and retaliates with negative emotions. Consistently feeding your mind with positive reinforcements, leads to better mental stability and brain health, providing you with a better outlook.

A productive and encouraging task to take on mental health is to grab a pencil and paper. Write down your thoughts on the day’s activities. Make your focal point the emotions you experienced.

Now, write down three positive ways you will respond next time. Actively practice these pragmatic values each day till you notice the change in yourself. When the mind is content, the brain can relax and function properly, leaving you feeling more positive.

  • Provides better focus – When we lose focus on the moment, it can lead to unfavorable responses. This is the body’s way of signaling that it needs more energy. It can show up as a tension headache or a growling stomach. Think of your body as your car, you would never try to drive your car with no gasoline, so running your body’s energy level too low only hinders your focus and vigilance. Instead of a cup of coffee and some aspirin, try giving back to your health with better nutrition and needed breaks.

A nutritious and quick snack is blueberries. The antioxidants have been shown to stimulate the oxygen and blood to the brain, providing better focus. For a warm drink, try green tea.

The natural caffeine in green tea increases the alpha-wave activity in the brain which supplies our overall tranquility. End your break with some simple stretching, especially if you are stationary most of the day. Now get back to focusing.

  • Keeps you actively alert – When we are running on low energy, our alertness and sharpness get moved to the back burner. Our emotions begin to show themselves as the brain becomes frustrated, causing less alertness. Instead, step back and review your health list. Are you hungry, are you tired, are you upset, etc.? Correct the behavior by providing your body with necessities such as food or sleep.

When considering your food intake for better alertness, grab a salad. Kale and spinach are rich in Vitamin K, folate, and beta carotene. For a late-night snack, choose walnuts. This nut contains omega 3 fatty acids which have been linked to lower blood pressure. For a better night’s sleep, shut off the electronics and keep the room dark. Focus on your breathing and comfort.

  • Overall healthier outlook – When the mind and body are consistently cared for, the rewards are more positive. This encourages our cravings to choose more wisely when seeking out natural fuel. When the body is receiving the right nutrition, it performs better. Together they support your mental health. All combined, create your morals and your positive practices.

Work through each aspect one at a time. Internally motivate yourself to stay with each positive step you accomplish. If your main concern is your diet, make the changes to encourage better health. The key to staying positive is to forgive yourself for the bad days. By becoming more content in your life, you quietly encourage others to follow your lead.

In Conclusion

Remember to mentally encourage good thoughts and proper nutrition daily. Use your extra energy for positive acts, such as volunteering or taking a long bubble bath. As author Steve Maraboli once said, “Your life begins to change the day you take responsibility for it.”

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