5 Large Sized Men’s Hat Styles You Need to Know

Picking the right hat for a large size head can be a challenge. Not every company makes hats for this head size and you might really like a style of a hat but then find out that it is not in your size. There are some styles of hats that are always easier to fit large heads and you should know in advance what these styles are before you start shopping.

Being able to pick a large sized hat that will fit your head and be comfortable all day can be a rare treat. This is one of the hardest things to find and getting access to a hat that looks great and also fits your large head can be a really nice change of pace. Shopping for hats should be fun, not frustrating!

If you are ready to learn more about large sized men’s hats that you need to know about, you should read on!

Large Sized Men’s Hat Styles You Need to Know

Getting the right style hat can be tough if you do not know which styles of hat are the best fit for large heads. For people who have heads that are bigger than average, it can seem daunting to even look at a single hat, let alone lots of hat styles and designs. You can cut out some of the frustration from your shopping process by shopping for these hat styles the next time you are looking for a hat to fit a big head.

1. Fedora

This is one of the best hat styles around and it fits large heads with ease. You will be able to get a fedora that fits your head perfectly, even if your head is really big. This is one of the best kinds of hat styles for a large head and it’s so stylish and mysterious!

Everyone loves a classy suit and a classy hat, and a fedora will give you style in spades without making your head hurt or feel pinched.

Fedora Men Hat

2. Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats have always been made for even the largest of heads. You will be able to get almost any style of cowboy hat for your needs and they even come in various colors and different materials. You can get a straw hat or a felt hat or even a leather hat in this category.

This is one of the best kinds of hats to wear for casual outdoor adventures or you can add this hat to a formal outfit for a nice dinner with ease. You will love this style of hat for its comfort, fit, and protection from the elements.

3. Newsboy

A newsboy hat is a classic style of hate that will fit even the largest of heads. This hat will also not impede or bend your ears and you will love that the soft band will not pinch. This is a great hat to have on hand if you need to carry your hat in a bag or suitcase and don’t want to worry about your hat being smashed or damaged.

Newsboy hats are soft, flexible, and really comfortable as well as stylish. A newsboy hat can take care of all of your hat needs with ease and it is one of the easiest styles to find large sizes in. Newsboy hats are also charming and classic and can add some style and color to your closet with ease.

Mens Newsboy Hat

4. Beanie

Custom beanies are always great to add to your closet because they are warm, soft, and easy to wear. Beanies are usually stretchy and made to cover your entire head as well as your ears. This means that they automatically come in larger sizes and they can be customized just by folding the rolled portion up or down over your forehead and ears.

Beanies are a classic winter hat to have in your closet and you cannot go wrong when you are looking for large head sizes and shopping beanies. Beanies will always fit large heads with ease and they will never pinch or shift on your head like other hats that are not made for larger hat sizes.

5. Baseball Cap

While this can be a tough item to find in the right size from some manufacturers, when you find a brand that makes large ball caps, you will be in heaven. A baseball cap goes with almost everything that you could ever want to wear and these hats are durable and water-resistant as well as stylish. If you own one baseball cap, you might as well own twenty.

You can get baseball caps in many colors, styles, and designs as well. This is a versatile style of hat that can easily cover your head without pinching or popping up in the back. Baseball caps are some of the most adjustable hats around and you will not be sorry that you added one of these classic hats to your closet.

Getting the Right Style Hat is Easy

Right Style Hat

If you have struggled in the past with getting the right hat for your needs, you can save yourself some time when you are shopping by using this guide. These styles of hats are perfect for large heads and you will be able to find many versions of each of these hats that are sold in your size. Shopping for the right style of hat can also help you to look better in the hat that you end up buying.

Having more than one kind of hat in your closet can offer you variety and style that you might not otherwise be able to claim. Hats make a statement and you will find that having more than one kind or style of hat in your closet can be a big benefit to many of your favorite outfits. Wearing hats can be a lot of fun if you know how to find the right styles and sizes for a great and comfortable fit.

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