5 Learning Methods to Guide You on the Path of Self-Actualization

To live life to the fullest and achieve your potential in the long run, you need to enrich your mind and soul with knowledge. Learning is a lifelong process, or at least it should be, that allows us to better understand the world around us, to understand and empathize with our fellow earthlings, and of course, get to know ourselves at the deepest level. To accomplish any goal in life, you need to learn.

That said, it’s not like finding the time or the willingness to learn something new every day is an easy task, especially in this hectic fast-paced world that weighs heavily on our body and mind. Between all the daily chores and your hectic schedule at the office, it can seem impossible to devote any time to learning something new.

So, here are the five learning methods that will help you pursue knowledge and guide you on the path of self-actualization.

Visualize your way to knowledge

Let’s start with one of the most effective ways to acquire and retain information. We are predominantly visual creatures, and even though all of our other senses play a vital role in the learning process, there is no denying that visualization helps us retain information faster and transform it into usable bits of knowledge we can apply quickly.

So, if you want to learn something quickly before you head to the office or collapse on the couch after a long day, it’s best to put it into a visual form.

Visualize your way to knowledge

The good thing is that everything can be visualized, even the most abstract concepts the likes of spirituality, or meditation. Whether someone is visualizing it for you or if you’re visualizing what you’re learning in your mind, it’s important that you have some form of visual stimuli you can associate with the subject matter.

Use the knowledge in different scenarios

In order to acquire knowledge and retain it throughout the years, you need to apply it to the world around you as well as yourself. It’s not just about repetition (although repetition is important), it’s also about extrapolating what you’ve learned to different scenarios.

After all, if you can’t apply the knowledge and if you don’t practice it, how are you supposed to retain it? Remember, your brain will eliminate what you don’t use in order to make room for more applicable information.

Use the knowledge in different scenarios

What this essentially means is that you should use every opportunity to apply what you’ve learned, whether you’re telling your family members about this amazing piece of information, or if you’re simply walking down the street applying the concepts to the world around you – a great example is physics. Whatever the subject, though, just apply it and it will stay with you for good.

Let technology lend a helping hand

Of course, the best way to learn without losing your mind or patience, and actually retain the information over the years, is to turn to eLearning. Online education has become so popular over the years with people of all ages and genders, simply because of the efficiency and efficacy that innovative learning platforms such as Clutch Prep bring to the table.

Instead of learning everything on your own and hoping that the information sticks, you can turn to eLearning in order to obtain knowledge in bite-sized chunks tailored to your goals, your schedule, and your learning pace.

Let technology lend a helping hand

After all, there is a much higher chance that you’ll abandon your goals and your learning habits if you try to go through the process all on your own. The problem lies in accountability, of course, as there is no one but yourself to make you pick up the book or practice the skills you’re after on a daily basis. With eLearning, though, you’ll have no problem expanding your knowledge base every day.

Question what you’ve learned

As time goes by, we tend to get set in our ways, and no matter how much other people try to make us observe a problem from a different perspective, we don’t budge. If you want to achieve your potential and grow wiser over the years, you need to open your mind and soul to new experiences, especially when it comes to the things you already know.

Question what you’ve learned

Challenge what you’ve learned, approach every subject from numerous angles, and listen to numerous professionals with opposing viewpoints – this will allow you to compare, analyze, and become more critical. It is critical thinking such as this that will help you discover the truth amidst all of the misinformation.

Strive for lifelong learning

And finally, understand that education is a lifelong process – but that doesn’t mean that you should delay it because “there’s plenty of time”. Instead, you should strive to learn something new (no matter how small or insignificant it might seem) every day and delve deep into the heart of the matter in order to understand its intricacies and empower yourself to pass that knowledge to your friends and family.

Strive for lifelong learning

Over to you

To achieve self-actualization and to take life into your own hands, you need to empower your mind and soul. The best way to do this is to keep expanding your horizons in order to understand the world around you, as well as yourself.

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