5 Major Questions To Ask An ISP Company Before Signing Them On

The last decade has seen a major technological overhaul in business systems. Doing business has meant using the latest technologies and digital platforms. This means that without the internet and network connectivity, there are hardly any businesses that are operating today. 

From improving coordination to helping with financial payments, visibility, and customer reach, the internet has become one of the most important tools for a business. 

Given the importance of the internet, it is essential that businesses must choose to work with the best Internet Service Provider or ISP. In this resource article, we are going to help businesses select an ISP that will fit all their needs and requirements. 

We are going to do this by listing down five questions that can help you understand your ISP better. Find out more about how your business can benefit by choosing the best ISP by reading the article till the very end.

List of 5 Questions to ask an ISP Company Before Signing them on

1- What is the Average Downtime that I can expect in a year?

Any modern business knows that a second lost to an internet outage is detrimental to the interests of the business. In other words, businesses expect to experience zero internet downtime from their ISP. This is why you need to ask the ISP company about their average downtime period. If you are looking for a great ISP, you should be looking at a time of fewer than 10 minutes per year. If the same is more than 30 minutes a year, you should be moving on to the next ISP firm. 

2- How can I expect to get my Grievances Addressed?

Every business wants to have one point of contact as far as grievance redressals go. This means that for everything and anything, they should have a phone number or an email that can help address the issue concerned. As a business, you need to understand the process of what happens when you make a complaint. You would be surprised to know how many businesses have gotten rude shocks the first time they started experiencing problems.

3- What are the Terms of Use and Flexibility in Service Conditions?

A business can never correctly predict how much bandwidth or speed you will need. In other words, they hope that the ISP is not going to lower the speeds once a pre-decided bandwidth has been met. This is why you need an ISP that can partner effectively according to your requirements and support you if the business needs anything on the go. Most businesses look for flexibility in service conditions when it comes to working with an ISP company. 

4- What is the Payment Schedule and how am I going to be Charged?

I am sure you do not want to work with an ISP that switches off your connectivity if you miss your payment deadline by a day. To be honest, a lot of companies that are operating in the industry are infamous for doing this. This is why you need to clear all these issues, questions, and doubts regarding payment schedules, types, and late payments with the ISP before you sign them on. This is one of the most important factors that should influence your decision-making. 

5- Can the Business expect any additional Network or Connectivity Services?

A lot of businesses want to club their internet, landline, TV, and other network requirements with one common operator. ISP companies too realize this need and have slowly started extra services to woo businesses. Working with one network company makes a lot of sense. This is why if your ISP can help you with your cell phone and landline connections, power the television in the reception area, etc, you should go with that company.

The Bottom Line

If you can work with a great ISP company, you will realize how they are directly and indirectly contributing to the success of your business. A credible and business-friendly ISP can emerge as a real asset for any business. By asking the above-mentioned five questions, you will be in a position to select the best ISP for your business. If you want us to clarify any more doubts that you might have, let us know in the comments section below. 

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