5 Mind-Blowing Facts to Know About Vaping

Electronic cigarettes, also known as electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), are becoming exceedingly popular. E-cigs were developed primarily for vapers, as safer alternatives to traditional nicotine-delivery systems.

Therefore, jumping onto the vaping bandwagon is one of the best decisions you can ever make, especially if you’re struggling to quit smoking. But before you do, there are certain facts about vaping that you must know.

Read on as we unravel the five mind-blowing facts about vaping.

1. Vaping Has Come a Long Way

The history of vaping is nearly a century old. The journey began in 1927 when Joseph Robinson invented what would be termed as the ‘first electric vaporizer.’

According to Robinson, this device would help people to consume medical compounds. Sadly, he didn’t get very far with his invention.

In 1963, another inventor, Herbert Gilbert, came up with another type of vaporizer, known as a ‘smokeless non-tobacco cigarette.’ However, Gilbert was unable to pitch his idea to investors of the time.

In the 1980s, other attempts were made at inventing the vaporizer by scientists Frederique Behm and Jed Rose. Rose and Behm came up with the first nicotine patch, a device that they simply called distilled smoke.

However, it was not until 2003 that Chinese smoker and pharmacist, Jon Lik, designed the first modern vaporizer. Lik claimed that his inspiration behind inventing a vaporizer was to offer a safer alternative to harmful nicotine delivery systems like smoking, especially after losing his father to lung cancer.

2. No Combustion Involved

Another fascinating fact about vaping is that there’s no combustion involved. Instead, the process involves the inhalation of vapor generated by heating a special liquid (known as an e-juice, vape juice, or e-liquid) inside a vape device (also known as e-cigs or vaporizer).

A vape device is made up of three main components, including the mouthpiece, heating chamber, and tank.

To get started, you administer your vape oil into the tank. You then turn on the device and allow the liquid to be heated by means of a wick that extends from coils located in the heating chamber to the tank.

As the liquid heats up, it generates vapor. You suck into the device’s mouthpiece to draw the vapor into your mouth and then swallow.

The fact that no combustion is involved in vaping is the main reason experts believe it could be healthier than smoking.

How to suck on a vaporizer mouthpiece

vaping no combustion involved

3. There Are Numerous Products You Can Vape

Vaping mostly involves the heating of e-liquids. But besides e-liquids, there are numerous other products you can vape, including wax concentrates and herbal extracts.

As you shall, modern-day vaporizers are designed depending on their intended use. For instance, there are specific vape devices for vaping dry herbs, known as dry herb vaporizers.

Therefore, one of the top considerations, before you buy vape coils or other vape accessories is to determine how you intend to use your vaporizer. If you’re a newbie, the conventional wisdom is to invest in vaporizers that let you consume e-juices as well as herbal extracts and wax concentrates.

It’s also important to note that most vape juices, wax concentrates, and herbal extracts were originally formulated to include nicotine. But today, these products contain other herbal extracts.

4. Vaping Is More of a Lifestyle Now

Vaping may have been invented to reduce the harmful effects of cigarette smoking. However, the habit is no longer viewed only as a smoking-cessation aid but a lifestyle. That explains why many celebrities today try to add glamor to their photoshoots by posing with their favorite vaporizers.

In fact, modern-day vapers are not necessarily people with a history of smoking. Armed with a quality e-cig, you can vape any substance of your choice.

Cannabis extracts like cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are among the popular compounds that vapers consume. You can even vape everyday herbal compounds like chai tea, chamomile, lavender, etc.

One advantage of vaping these extracts is that vaping delivers their effects straight to your system, compared to consuming the substances by traditional methods, such as edibles. One can also try a vaporizer for the wax to reap similar benefits.

Vaping Is More of a Lifestyle Now
A woman chilling out with her e-cig

5. Vaping Laws Differ Globally

Last but not least, it’s important to note that vaping laws differ across different countries and states. It’s generally legal to vape in many jurisdictions around North America, as well as many European countries.

However, vaping laws appear to be more stringent in Asian and South American countries. In Africa, many countries are yet to legislate any robust vaping laws, which makes it a bit difficult to establish whether or not you can vape across the continent.

Since vaping laws vary globally, you must treat each country or state on a case-by-case basis. That’s especially if you’re planning to go on a vacation with your e-cig.

Vaping Laws Differ Globally

Vaping is no longer viewed strictly as a smoking-cessation aid. The habit has since turned into a lifestyle. However, it’s always prudent to find out more about vaping before joining the craze. Most importantly, remember that vaping still comes with certain inherent dangers. So, if you must vape, do so with temperance.

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