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“5-Minute Crafts” Gets 16,987,420 Subscribers in 2019: Can You Do the Same?

It’sIt’s not easy to be successful on YouTube. You may want to create a channel that attracts most YouTube subscribers, but how do you go about?

If we take the example of “5-Minute Crafts,” we can at least begin to get some clues! The DIY and crafts channel has 63 million subscribers, of which 16,987,420 came in 2019. The channel is owned by the company Soul Publishing that specializes in social media content.

So what makes “5-Minute Crafts” so popular?

To begin with, “life hacks” or “DIY” are highly-searched keywords in both YouTube and Google. So creating a channel to take advantage of the trend is a really great idea. People are anyway searching for those topics. So creating videos on DIY themes is a perfect YouTube strategy to get more views and subscribers.


The lifehacks on the channel are quite innovative, and the videos get millions of views. But don’t think for a second that the YouTube videos and DIY vlogs have to make sense. In fact, quite of them are really bizarre and lacks any practical application.

For instance, what do you really do with a blue egg? Or a makeup brush made from your own hair?

Certainly, people don’t need to be logical or practical to become successful YouTube vloggers. You can get the title of “YouTube a star is born” just by making videos that people like to watch. Making sense is just optional!

YouTube channels like “5-Minute Crafts” are managed by professionals. So you can expect a top-notch approach, whether it’s making videos or marketing them.

Luckily, you don’t need to be the best YouTube expert to get a taste of success on YouTube. You can get more subscribers, views, and money by following our tips. So, here’s how you can share the same success as “5-Minute Crafts.”


Make Unique YouTube Videos

If you see the DIY videos of “5-Minute Crafts,” you will see most of them are not practical. But that doesn’t make people dislike the videos. Instead, the videos turn out to be the most-viewed YouTube video ever!

So, choose a unique topic for your videos. Create highly-enjoyable videos that people actually like to watch, even if they’re weird!

You can check out the most trending topics on YouTube

YouTube channels content type


Copy the Strategy of Your Best YouTube Videos

YouTube analytics

Some of your videos will perform better than others. When a video gets substantial views, try to find out what made it work. You can check your YouTube analytics to find the best-performing videos and insights that help you strategize.

On the other hand, find out why videos fail to perform. Then avoid making those mistakes!


Drive-Up the Engagement in Your YouTube Channels

You should make all efforts to form a strong relationship with your subscribers and viewers. People are more likely to connect and subscribe when you make them feel wanted. They are also more likely to watch and spend time on your videos, making way for higher rankings.

  • Reply to every feedback and comment
  • Join conversations with your audience
  • Thank people for watching your video
  • Mention top fans and followers in your videos


Request and Ask Your Viewers to Subscribe

If you create good content, people will genuinely be interested in your videos. That means you can ask your viewers to subscribe in your-

  • Video intro
  • Video end screen
  • Video description

This is a really simple trick that can quickly increase your subscriber count.


Upload YouTube Videos Consistently

YouTube videos upload

You may upload videos on your channel once a week, once a day, or once a month! Whatever be the frequency, make sure to be consistent. So, if you upload a video every two weeks, keep doing so. It’sIt’s not a good idea to skip dates as your subscribers will be waiting for your updates.


Expand Your Reach through Community

Make the most of YouTube Community to stay active and expand your reach. Once you get 1,000 subscribers, you can join the community and post-

  • Status updates
  • Conduct polls
  • Post questions
  • Promote videos

You can also use YouTube stories to drive up engagement and connect with your audience.


Promote Your YouTube Channels on Viboom

Viboom is the ideal way to get hundreds and thousands of views quickly! You just need to-

  1. Copy and paste your YouTube video URL in Viboom
  2. Select your goals and country
  3. Make payment

Then Viboom will broadcast your video on its partner websites for authentic views and organic growth.

Once you promote your video on Viboom, you can expect subscribers and views to pour in! You can also make your videos go viral and reach the heights of popularity. If you want a reliable strategy for growth, try Viboom today!

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