5 Most Common Garage Door Issues and the Way to Repair Them

The house consists of many rooms that act and serve differently. The living room is where the family bonds and does leisure. The kitchen is the area where the family cooks and eats home-cooked meals. And the living room is the shelter where peace and tranquility live. Yet, there is a part of the house every family tends to ignore; and that is the garage.

The garage is part of the house that holds and keeps often used items and stuff, including mechanical tools, gardening tools, and vehicle tools. It is where the family parks their vehicles and cares like a bicycle. It is even necessary to have a garage in the United States. But, just like any room, a garage has a door that requires being dependable.

Garage Door Makes Unusual Sounds

A loud garage door is one of the most common garage door problems that each household encounters. Probably, the bothersome clacking garage door is what stops you and your family from sleeping well at night. And if the noise persists to cause interruptions within your house, you need an urgent garage door repair.


Putting an end to the extended problem of noisy and bothersome sound is easy, as our garage door technicians can easily repair your door by replacing new gears. If you live in Southlake or anywhere nearby, you can begin calling our professional garage door technicians who specialize in garage door repair Southlake. We can solve your problems in no time.

The garage door Does not Open or Close in the winter. 

The severe build-up of winter snow can cause failing garage doors. It hardens the essential components and gears of the door, which are the main parts that enable the garage door to be lifted and closed. Moreso, if you are still unwilling to repair it right away, it can be problematic for a long time because not only does the chilling wind enter your house, but your abode would become susceptible to thieves. 


If this problem occurs in your garage door, do not worry since you can do the repairs yourself. First, look for the screw in the motor unit to change the sensitivity level of the garage door opener, but please study the manual for exact instructions. Second, because winter can erode the gears, you must use lubrication for the components using the correct lubricating oil. 

Garage Door Will Not Respond to the Keypad or Remote

Understand that it is not always the garage door that will take all the blame for not working well because, more frequently than not, it is the keypad or remote controller that causes trouble. 


Since the contemporary garage door employs a wireless controller or keypad, one of the reasons why the garage door will not lift or close is because of the range of antennas installed in the garage door. With that, whenever you try to open or close the garage door, you must be within the range of the antenna. Meanwhile, if you have no problems with the coverage, you can examine the battery controller of the garage door. If that is the situation, change the old batteries with new ones. 

Broken Glass

Considering the broad area that the garage door took, it would perhaps be susceptible to small to big incidents, especially if it has glasses. Glass windows are delicate and can be easily damaged by objects like rocks or whenever children play outside. In addition, when you let it ignore and unfix, wild animals and insects can freely enter your garage. 


Installing a garage door with glass windows can be a detrimental option. Although it can be more attractive than any type of garage door, remember that durability and safety are more vital than exterior aesthetics. Instead, you can install an industrialized-type garage door because modernity can compromise its dependability. 

Uneven Movement

Besides the issue with garage door opening and closing, people experience uneven garage door movement. If this circumstance ever happens to you, a hindrance lies within the parts and gears that require fixes or removals. Commonly, it is the corroded garage door tracks and broken springs that cause uneven garage door motion. 


For the corroded garage door tracks, use and wipe the tracks with lubrication oil to remove the rust. When the garage door tracks become corroded, they might get exposed to rain or water leakage during the heavy rain season. Furthermore, the rust can be from low maintenance or having no routine maintenance at all. On the contrary, it can be the garage door spring system that leads to uneven motion. The garage door spring might be creating little or no tension at all. If this occurs, you must contact garage door technicians for an urgent solution. 


The garage is indeed one of the areas at home that does not give a lot of attention. They often see it as just plain and simple storage. Yet, little did they know, the garage is a vital part of the house. It is more than a shed or storage for cars and vehicles because security and safety are also considered in this area. Thus, you must install a sturdy garage door, and when a problem happens, repair it as soon as possible. Furthermore, call Family Christian Doors for your garage door repair in Southlake. 

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