5 New Movies to Watch Online This Weekend

Are you running out of content to watch? We’ve got the best new movies to watch that you can check out in your free time!

During this age of social distancing, Americans are streaming an average of eight hours worth of content per day.

That’s almost an entire season of Friends, or if you’re feeling really ambitious, almost all of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Needless to say, we’re all running out of fresh content to watch. The good news is, even if some of our favorite shows are on a temporary hiatus, there are still new movies coming out every weekend.

Read on for five great new movies to watch online this weekend. Try not to watch them all in one sitting!


  1. Da 5 Bloods (2020)

What could be better than a new Spike Lee Joint? This Netflix original captures the horrors of the Vietnam War, the injustice for African Americans back home, and the lasting effects of both.

Da 5 Bloods cuts from the 1960s to the present when four aging African American veterans decide to head back to Vietnam in search of their squad leader’s remains and the treasure the five of them hid during wartime. The treasure was initially intended for the Lahu people as a thank you for their help fighting the Viet Cong, but the five soldiers decided to hide it and keep it for themselves.

Like most Spike Lee films, Da 5 Bloods uses dark humor to propel an important and thought-provoking plotline that will resonate with any viewer.


  1. Parasite (2019)

Parasite may not be new to the world, but it is new to Hulu. After winning the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2019, this film quickly hit everyone’s must-watch list and Hulu is obliging.

Directed by South Korean writer and director, Bong Joon-ho, this film is another thought-provoking piece that uses comedy to tell the tale. Parasite depicts a low income South Korean family as they try to make ends meet in a world rife with wealth disparities. The plot thickens when son Ki-woo gets a job tutoring the daughter of an extremely wealthy family–in spite of his lack of experience.

Parasite is equal parts funny and astonishing, revealing class differences in a way that only the masterful Bong Joon-ho can.


  1. Palm Springs (2020)

Palm Springs marks Max Barbakow’s directorial debut, premiering first at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival back in January. Now, streaming rights are owned by Hulu, where the film can be viewed at any time.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a Groundhog Day-style film starring Andy Samburg, now’s your chance. Palm Springs follows two people, Nyles and Sarah, as they navigate the same day over and over again. After meeting at Sarah’s sister’s wedding, the two find themselves stuck on November 9th, getting to know one another under the most ridiculous of circumstances.

Palm Springs is another well-rated moving, receiving a whopping 94% from the critics of Rotten Tomatoes. If you’re looking for something light-hearted in this strange time, this is the way to go.


  1. Radioactive (2019)

Radioactive is another film that isn’t quite new to the world but is new to streaming. You can find this movie, directed by Iranian-born French graphic novelist and director Marjane Satrapi, streaming now on Amazon Prime.

If you’ve ever been intrigued by the 19th and 20th-century French-Polish physicist, Marie Curie, you’re in luck. This beautiful biopic follows Curie’s life from the time she met her husband and research partner, Pierre, to her discovery of polonium and radium, and on. If the story of Curie’s life wasn’t interesting enough on its own, this film integrates her biography with glimpses into the future where her discoveries would fuel the Manhattan Project, the Chernobyl disaster, and other devastations.

Radioactive has it all: romance, drama, and a gripping sense of urgency as you watch a brilliant woman’s life unfold and take in the many ways that well-intended discoveries may be used for evil.


  1. Shirley (2020)

Speaking of brilliant women, Shirley is a Netflix original that will make literary and horror lovers rejoice. Directed by Josephine Decker (and executive produced by Martin Scorcese), this film puts a twist on the traditional biopic genre with a focus on 20th-century horror novelist, Shirley Jackson.

A young married couple finds themselves living with Jackson and her husband, hoping to settle into a new life as budding academics. Instead, the wife finds herself caught up in a real-life psychodrama created by the mentally ill Jackson. As the young wife and Jackson become closer (and the plot becomes more twisted), Jackson finds inspiration for her first novel.

It’s worth noting that the film employs a lot of creative license, deviating from the true story of Jackson’s life. Still, if you’re a fan of scary movies and a fan of Shirley Jackson, it’s worth checking out.


Still Out of Movies to Watch?

If you blow through the list and still need something more to watch, don’t sweat it. The internet presents an almost endless source of movies, TV shows, and short videos, as long as you know where to look. Plus, some streaming services allow you to download content now to enjoy later, meaning that you don’t have to worry about missing a thing.

Having trouble getting your videos to play? You may be using MOV files and, every once in a while, you need to convert video file downloads in order to make them work.


Try Something New This Weekend

Are you getting tired of rewatching the same sitcoms over and over? Have you exhausted your personal collection of DVDs and BluRays? Try something new with these five amazing movies to watch this weekend.

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