5 Perks of Choosing to Build Your New Home

When looking to move into a larger space or just a new home, the question of whether to buy a home or to build your own arises. While there are perks of buying your home, many people are choosing to build their own as a way to start fresh. There are advantages of buying a home like having to deal with less stress and being able to negotiate a price that fits you. But these advantages come with disadvantages like not being able to get what you really want in your house and the possibility of paying more.

Being able to start fresh on something like a home can be rewarding. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance that will come with a used home. The energy costs will be extreme due to the non-energy efficient systems of older homes. Not only does it cost more, but you won’t be able to customize or add the things that you want with your new home due to it already being built.

Building your own home from the bottom up comes with many perks and more and more people lean toward this option. If you are wanting to have a custom home and enjoy standing out from others, or if you want to just build an energy efficient home from bottom to top, building your own home may seem like the perfect choice for you.

1. Everything’s custom

One of the benefits of building your own home is being able to buy all new appliances and upgrades. You won’t have to worry about how well the owners were before you took care of the home because you will be the first one to live there. The comfortability that comes with knowing that you’re the first to use everything in your home is great.

You get the opportunity to customize everything, from windows and flooring to appliances. Everything will be tailored to your taste and if you don’t want to give anyone else control, you will have to decide everything. This can seem overwhelming but it is, in fact, what a lot of people dream of. If you have the money and time it is suggested to build your own home to get the most out of the new housing process.

The size of your home and the amount of bedrooms to the shape of your living spaces is all up to you. If you enjoy controlling situations, this will be an interesting and exciting project for you. At the end of the day, you are going to wake up and come home to a home you designed with all the appliances and details you chose. Personalizing your home begins with the exterior and goes into the decorations. There are so many things to do to your home that can make it only for you.

2. You save tremendously

You not only save money when building your own home, but you save time as well. The time it takes to find a home takes about 6 months to a year and the process of making sure it fits you and your lifestyle can be time-consuming. There will be a lot of open houses and negotiating when it comes to buying a home instead of building one.

You save money by not having to deal with renovations and upgrades. Many people buy homes and renovate them to be more energy efficient or adapt them to a more modern design and this can become extremely pricey. Even though it can be a lot of work to build your home from scratch, the amount of work for renovations is almost doubled due to having to tear down and then build back up. With a new home, all you will have to do is build from a blank slate.

When comparing the price of building a home and buying one depends on budgets and what kind of house you want. Of course, buying a small house would be cheaper than building a large one, but if you want to upgrade and are looking to build within $100,000. Doing it yourself or hiring someone also determines the prices of building your home.

But if you want to take on a large project like this one, then renting your own trucks and tools and getting down and dirty will be the cheapest option. Make sure you know the rules and regulations of building in your county and city and make sure you have professional assistance.

3. Energy Efficiency

A big perk of building your home is being able to create an energy efficient system that will, in fact, help you save money and benefit the Earth. Including solar panels, sustainable materials and water saving properties will benefit your home and your pockets. Older and outdated HVAC systems can get expensive as these systems don’t have the efficiency that you need.

Creating a water system that is eco-friendly has a big impact on the environment along with harvested wood and stucco or stone siding. These additions to your home will help you become a better being on the planet while avoiding contributing to its demise. Choosing to become more eco-friendly with your home will also ripple throughout your whole life.

Ways to make your home more energy efficient:

  • Effective insulation
  • Upgrade windows
  • Plant trees around your home
  • Include compact fluorescent lamps

4. You’re there every step of the way

The exciting part about building your home is being there for every part. You’re choosing the land that you want to build on, the design of your home, and how your home looks outside and inside. This can make a person feel good, especially when they see all of their hard work created something that will last for years and years and will benefit their family and the earth tremendously come together.

The process will be stressful and fun sometimes but the overall outcome is the greatest reward and you’ll be thankful that you spend so much time and money on something so important.

5. It’s Yours!

The home you build is yours from beginning to end. You will value your home more than you ever could have because it belongs to you. You did it and you started from scratch. Knowing that you are capable of completing a project so big will make you happy and thankful.

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