5 Pro Digital Marketing Tips for 2020

Digital marketing is very useful for business growth. Here are 7 pro digital marketing tips for 2020.

Investing heavily in digital marketing this year? We don’t blame you!

After all, adults in America now spend 11 hours a day looking at a screen! With peoples’ eyes online, that’s where your ads should be.

Unfortunately, not all digital marketing is made equal. Seeing a significant ROI is reliant on specific skills, software, approaches, and strategies.


Want some digital marketing tips to help you succeed? Keep reading for 5 of the best.

  1. Keep Making Content (And Lots of It!)

Content marketing should remain at the forefront of your efforts in 2020.

People continue to consume insane amounts of it in a myriad of ways. It’s your job to identify where your audience resides and publish large quantities of relevant content to solve their problems.

Video and audio (such as podcasts) content are leading the way these days. However, there’s still a place for written content as well. Just keep in mind the rise of voice search and the impact that’s having on successful SEO.


  1. Stay Ahead of the Trends

Things change online at a remarkable rate.

And the marketing strategies that work change with them. It’s your job to stay up to speed and alter course to align your efforts with the latest trends.

However, you don’t just have to stay on top of the latest trends. You need to stay ahead of them.

Here’s more on the latest digital marketing trends to look out for this year.


  1. Keep Things Personal

Personalization is paramount these days.

Impersonal and unspecific ads are proving increasingly ineffective. Think about email marketing. Not so long ago a mass email blast to your subscribers could generate a significant boost in sales.

These days, they’d go straight into spam; open rates would be awful.

Everything from addressing users by their actual names to curating content specifically for them will help. Leverage personalization and the leads and conversions will follow.


  1. Do Something New

Think about how much content is being created these days.

To compete in this arena you need to be original. Be a meaningful specific rather than a wandering generality. Release content into the world that hasn’t been seen before.

Alas, that’s not easy. One way to do it, though, is to pay for original research to be conducted. Invest in research on a topic of interest to your audience. Releasing it via your networks can (almost) guarantee high degrees of interest and engagement.


  1. Go Local

Businesses are seeing increasing success with local SEO.

Jump on the bandwagon! Optimize your site and content to show up in local search results. You’ll see a swarm of new leads in the process.

Run a brick and mortar store? Well, Google My Business is a golden nugget of goodness in this regard. Optimizing the listing and sending people to it is sure to see results.


Leverage These Digital Marketing Tips

People, young and old alike, are spending countless hours online these days.

It’s no surprise, then, that digital marketing has become the go-to marketing channel for businesses around the world.

Hopefully, the digital marketing tips for 2020 in this post will help deliver the best ROI possible on your marketing endeavors this year!

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