5 Reasons a Blogging Network Is Essential for Any Entrepreneur

In 2020, there were over 500 million blogs on 1.7 billion websites in the world. Combined, these blogs post over 2 million blog posts every single day. Blogs aren’t just for people traveling the world or wanting to geek out on technology, they are an essential tool that every entrepreneur should add to their kit.

And it’s not just blogging that’s important. Entrepreneurs can benefit in several ways from both blogging themselves and reaching out to other bloggers.


If you are an entrepreneur working to build your business, it can get pretty lonely because you don’t have any colleagues in the same way that someone working a more regular job does.

A recent article suggests that blogging can help to improve wellbeing because it allows the author to publish their thoughts and feelings, and have them validated by the people reading their blog posts.

Not only this but if you can build a network of bloggers who are interested in your field, you will essentially have colleagues, a group of people who are working towards a similar goal to you and are likely facing similar challenges.


Being well acquainted with blogs in your area of expertise is a great way not only to grow your knowledge but also to see what your target market is thinking.

Be sure to keep an eye on what other bloggers are talking about, and what they are not talking about. Watch how their followers respond to their posts, and pay close attention to the comments section. All of this information is invaluable when you are planning a business strategy.

SEO Ranking

If you can get your page mentioned on relevant blogs, this will help to boost your SEO ranking. This is because the more you are mentioned by reputable blogs, the more Google knows that you are a trustworthy site, which adds to your ‘Domain Authority.’

One way to get yourself mentioned on relevant blogs is to first build a good working relationship with the owner. Once you have this you can usually get yourself mentioned by offering to write a piece of content that is relevant to their audience.

You need to be careful employing this strategy, however. If you are mentioned on blogs that Google doesn’t think are relevant to your site, it could damage your SEO ranking because it seems as though you are trying to ‘spam’ your page, rather than being mentioned. After all, you are relevant.

It can be helpful to employ the services of a blogger outreach agency to help you identify which blogs it would be helpful for you to work with. As a bonus, these agencies often have great relationships with a whole network of bloggers already! If you’d like to learn more about blogger outreach agencies, take a look at

New Audiences

By targeting blogs that have a suitable audience, you are putting yourself in front of that audience! These are people who might never have come across you before, so making the effort to build a blog network can pay off enormously.

Test Ideas

Once you have a good following for your blog, it’s a valuable way to test your ideas. Write blog posts about plans or even canvass for opinions, and your followers’ comments will give you valuable insight that you just couldn’t get anywhere else.

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