5 Reasons a Motorhome is Better than a Caravan

It’s the age-old debate when it comes to owning a recreational vehicle. Which one is best – a motorhome or a caravan? Caravans and motorhomes are both ideals for anyone looking to explore and enjoy the freedom to take holidays whenever they want, but both serve differing requirements. But whether a caravan or a motorhome is best depends on your needs and preferences.

Here are some of the reasons why you should look closely at a motorhome:

1. Motorhomes Are Versatile and Flexible

There are many types of motorhome available to suit your lifestyle and your needs. Caravans tend to be more limited as they generally offer a standard setup and layout. With motorhomes, you can choose between a large, luxurious model with lots of room for a fixed bed and a lounge, or you can pick a compact campervan with a fold-down bed and just enough room for two. There are so many different layouts available you will be spoiled for choice.

Motorhomes also come with varying amounts of storage space, bathrooms, or no bathrooms, small or expansive kitchens, and with awnings or without awnings. Think about how you are going to use your vehicle and who will be traveling so you can shortlist your favorite vehicles and decide which is best.

2. Motorhomes Hold Their Value

As a rule, motorhomes retain their value longer than caravans. You will find it easier to resell your motorhome when you keep it in good condition, even if you have used it for many years. Many people find it difficult to sell a used caravan, which is why so many end up on the driveway gathering dust. Consider the overall costs of a caravan versus a motorhome, including the cost of motorhome repairs Scotland and any upgrades you may want to make in the future.

3. Motorhomes Have More Storage Space

A motorhome generally has a larger storage capacity so you can take items like bikes and surfboards on your holiday. You also have more cupboard space for supplies. With a caravan, you gain space in the towing car or van but you don’t get the same separated storage in the caravan.

4. Motorhomes are More Luxurious

There are luxurious caravans on the market, but as a rule, motorhomes tend to be better equipped and more state-of-the-art. Many motorhomes offer full facilities including a toilet, shower, full-size beds, and dining space. Plus, you benefit from a well-designed and comfortable driving space. Obviously, there are differences in motorhomes depending on size and price, but you will undoubtedly be able to find a luxurious campervan or motorhome more easily than a similarly priced caravan.

5. Motorhomes are Easier to Set Up Camp

With a motorhome, you can drive into your spot, put on the brakes, and are ready for a cup of tea and a rest. A caravan takes longer to set up, unhitch, and stabilize. With a motorhome, it is also easy to get from the cab into the main living space without going outside, which is perfect for a rest stop by the side of the road in the rain.

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