Answering the Call of the 21st Century: 5 Reasons Seniors Should Own a Cell Phone

Although some seniors are late to the technology game, many have begun embracing telecommunication as a form of connection and entertainment.

A recent study by Pew Research Center found that 85 percent of seniors aged 65 and above own cell phones, causing tech companies to broaden their horizons, and create senior-friendly tech. Accessible computers, talk-to-text features, and easy-to-use mobile phones are on the rise among elderly folks.

Many elderly folks are resistant to high-tech solutions because of the steep learning curve that accompanies use. However, many are pushing back against misconceptions that seniors are technologically challenged by pursuing new and improved avenues for communication through online interaction.

There’s been a steep increase in cell phone usage specifically, as elderly folk flock to senior-friendly devices that allow them to connect to family and friends and browse the web with ease. Additionally, mobile phones enable quick access to medical care, virtual shopping, and alarm reminders for daily medications, all of which improve the quality of life among senior citizens.

Embark on a technological adventure and gain access to the numerous benefits cell phones have to offer. But before you jump into mobile devices, select the perfect phone for your needs.

Choosing a senior-friendly mobile device

For many seniors looking for a quick and painless introduction to cell phone usage, smartphones can be intimidating with high-tech features and confusing displays. Instead of purchasing an iPhone right off the bat, consider a simple, flip cellular device that can provide the same functions without the bells and whistles.

Look for a device with a long battery life, a bright display, and font customizations to accommodate your every need.

If you’re scoping out easy-to-use cell services, consider a flip model from Lively Direct. They provide elderly folk with round-the-clock assistance and accessible features for everyday use.

Cell phone ownership benefits

Besides connecting to loved ones, seniors who own a mobile device can reap numerous benefits. Those on the fence about cell phone ownership should consider the following advantages and dive head-first into the new age of technology.

Mental stamina

Many seniors find themselves falling into mental ruts when living alone without technology. While visitors and various physical activities can offer stimulation, tech-based solutions allow elderly folks to push mental barriers and increase cognitive stamina.

If you thought mobile games were just for teens, think again. There are infinite options for seniors looking up their mental stamina, from Solitaire to Sudoku to puzzle games. Online games can improve seniors’ cognitive abilities, especially those living alone or in assisted living facilities.

Monitor health

Tracking your physical and mental health can be tricky and time-consuming. However, with a senior-friendly mobile device equipped with built-in monitoring and reminders, you can keep a watchful eye on your blood pressure, daily pill intake, and cognitive changes with the click of a button. Tech developers have improved health tracking applications, allowing older folks to manage their health and communicate with physicians easily.

Assist with emergencies

For seniors living alone, accidents can be detrimental when medical help is delayed. However, elders who own a cell phone have access to round-the-clock access to life-saving medical assistance. Many senior-specific devices feature an SOS button that dispatches care upon request, handy for falls or unexpected health complications. Additionally, access to a mobile device allows older generations to consult the web before panicking or calling on a loved one for assistance.

Keep seniors social

It can be challenging for seniors to remain social as they age, as many become isolated from friends and family. If you’re finding it difficult to connect, a senior-friendly cellular device may do the trick. Access to a mobile phone allows you to communicate with loved ones from the comfort of your home.

Dragging yourself to a physical location can be exhausting and dangerous for seniors with limited mobility. With video calls, round-the-clock texting, and social media, seniors can keep a fruitful social life by purchasing an easy-to-use mobile device.

Apps like Facebook and Instagram allow you to keep up-to-date on family happenings and connect you with a community of seniors, great for elderly folk feeling the effects of social isolation. Elderly folks are at a higher risk of depression and anxiety due to lack of social contact, and a cell phone can minimize adverse effects. Plus, your grandkids will appreciate the effort to connect with them on their level.

Final word

Who said life couldn’t be enjoyable in the golden years? Seniors can harness cell phones’ power and reap limitless benefits, including entertainment, connectivity, and safety. As elderly folks begin to turn to technology to aid them through aging challenges, tech companies have a golden opportunity to tap into new markets. Hop on the tech train and dive into the world of senior-friendly devices sure to improve your quality of life one click at a time.

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