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5 Reasons Why 2019 Is The Year To Claim Back PPI

With a New Year comes new resolutions, whether that is losing weight, taking up a new hobby, or partaking in volunteer work, each one is important to the individual. This year, however, makes it the year that you claim back PPI that you are owed. We have a number of reasons why you should, below.

#1 The Deadline Is Approaching

The PPI scandal has been going on for an incredibly long time now and many have put off checking if they were mis-sold PPI or not. However, now is the best time to find out if you are owed PPI compensation because the deadline is approaching at a fast rate. It may be the 29th of August 2019, however, before long this date will come around and you won’t have the money you deserve. Therefore, contact a PPI company and find out if you are owed some money in 2019.

If you don’t claim your PPI compensation until the last minute, you may not receive it in time as so many people will also wait until the last possible day. Therefore, claim back PPI with plenty of time and ensure that you will get the funds that you are entitled to.

#2 Additional Funds

What better way to start the year than by gaining some additional funds? PPI payouts can vary in price depending on the individual, but nonetheless, you will gain enough money to make life more comfortable and put towards either a holiday or a new purchase in 2019. January, in particular, is a difficult month after the Christmas period, so you should make now the time to discover whether or not you have PPI to claim.

#3 It Is Your Money

At the end of the day, if you don’t opt for claiming back PPI then you are putting yourself out of pocket as well as just leaving your money sitting there that is completely entitled to you. You were the one that was mis-sold PPI and lied to, so you should definitely make a stand against the banks by claiming your PPI back. If you are uncertain about doing it or you don’t know how to go about it, PPI companies are on hand to help you through every step of the way.

#4 More Claims

Once you start delving into whether or not you are owed PPI compensation, you may actually discover that you are entitled to even more money than you originally thought. You may be eligible to make a number of claims and end up with a substantial sum of money at the end. This money could be used to have an extension on your house or pay off any debts that you may have.

#5 It Isn’t Time-Consuming

Many believe that claiming PPI is a difficult and time-consuming process, but they are in fact incredibly wrong. All you need to do is contact a PPI company and give them some details about your claim and they will do the work for you. Plus, a lot of companies have a no win-no fee policy, so if you don’t have any compensation to claim you won’t have any fees to pay.

Hopefully, you have now been encouraged to claim back PPI in 2019 before the deadline at the end of August. Think of what you could do with the money you will receive and don’t be put off by thinking that the process is incredibly time-consuming, when in fact it is not.

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