5 Reasons Why A Mom Like Me Plays League of Legends

Most moms would tell their kids to stop playing League of Legends (LoL) or any other mobile games. Me, I tell them, “Let’s play!”

Well, 55% of League of Legends fans are females, according to Venture Beat, and I admit that I am part of that percentage. I especially love the Mod Skin LoL Pro, which allows me to change how my champion looks, but I’ve got more reasons why I play LoL.

Read until number 1 for my most important reason for playing LoL.

5. Every champion is unique

Whenever I see games that give me a lot of options, I become very interested.

In LoL, every champion is unique. The champion, by the way, is the character that you control. For every style of play, you could choose a different champion, and there are over a hundred champions. That means you do not play the same game twice. That’s the kind of variation that keeps me playing. I can try so many champions and not get bored.

Besides, like what I’ve said earlier, with Mod Skin LoL Pro, I get to change how my champion looks. I even change the skin of my kids’ champions. It’s like how I was when I was a kid, dressing up dolls differently each day. It’s fascinating because I get to be creative too.

4. Allowing different strategies and masteries

The objective of LoL is to destroy your enemy’s base. Of course, this is not going to be easy because your opponent will also be working hard to protect their base while attempting to destroy your team’s base at the same time.

To win, you must strategize, and since you get to play with different people who think differently as well, then your strategy cannot always be the same. It’s like chess; if the opponent determines your game style or strategy, you’re bound to lose.

Hence, you must be able to master some skills, too, so you can strategize. Mastery of skills allows you to get over hurdles or barriers that you encounter throughout the game. It also allows you to strategize better.

In brief, what I like about LoL is that you are thinking and not just playing. It’s not a game of chance; it is not a game of luck; it is a strategy game.

 3. Teamwork

LoL is a multiplayer game. There will be ten players divided into two groups of five. These two groups will be the ones competing. Thus, winning the game relies on how the team works together.

At the onset, each player chooses a role: Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, and Support. Each player would choose a primary and backup role. If you don’t get any part, you can select the “Fill” or what I would call the ‘all-around’ guy. You can take on any role during the game. I usually choose the fill since I am just new to the game, and I want to get a feel of how every role and champion works.

When every player of the team does his or her part right, the team gains more experience and power, hence more likely to overpower the opponent. Teamwork is crucial to the game.

I have always believed that learning to work with other people is an essential quality in all aspects of life. If a person is a team player, he gets to adapt to a work environment quickly, and the same goes for students who can work in groups.

That said, LoL is an exciting way of learning how to be a team player.

2. You need to be always on your toes

Matches are intense, especially when you play with people like my nieces, nephews, and kids, who are all serious about the game. They try to soften up when I am in the game, but I tell them to hit me with their best shot, and yes, when I say that, then expect that my team loses. Hey, I’m new to the game!

Virtually, if you are not alert, you could quickly be gone from the game. That means your team is also affected. Good thing my kids are very patient with me because they are always my teammates. They have no choice!

You also need to observe the movement of your enemy because this might give you a hint of their game plan or strategy, which, if you know, then you could pre-empt.

Ultimately, you cannot be just sitting pretty when playing this game; otherwise, you might cause the downfall of your team.

1. Connecting with my kids

Today’s youth are very much tied up to gadgets. Capturing their attention and spending time with them has become hard because they’re often looking at their screens. Playing LoL allows me to connect with them since I play with them.

While we play, I get to observe their behaviors: how they react to situations, how they strategize, and how they work with others. I can even watch their expressions when they are surprised and irritated, and yes, I can tell them not to curse, which many players I know do.

I am also able to monitor the time they spend on their gadgets, and I can make sure that they are not spending too much.

Indeed, LoL is not just a game for me; it is a bridge between my kids and me.

Besides, I like the idea that my kids are learning to work with others, strategize, and think critically through this game.


Ultimately, there is more to LoL than just being a game. Kids can learn from it too. So long as they are not left alone to spend too much time playing, I believe this game is quite healthy.

What do you think about LoL?

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