5 Reasons Why You Should Convert to Digital Signatures

Technology hasn’t just changed the way we interact with friends and family. It has also changed the way businesses interact with businesses and their customers.

E-signature transactions have skyrocketed from $90 million to $754 million in a matter of 5 years. By 2023, it is a service that is expected to take about 35% of all transactions.

If you do not use digital signatures in your company, it makes sense to switch. There’s a reason for its immense popularity. Keep reading to learn the main reasons you should use it.

1- You Will Save Money

One of the greatest benefits digital signatures provide is the ability to help your business save money. It’s a cost-effective service because you can continue to do everything you need to do in one place: online. You do not have to worry or spend money on paper, mailing, postage, and supplies.

You also save money concerning time because there is less legwork involved. Everything you need is in one location so you can send and receive everything you need quickly. You can keep more money in your pocket immediately and in the long run.

2- Better Security Measures

The fact that online signatures offer you enhanced security makes it a wonderful tool when you are handling documents with terms and transactions. Keeping the documents you create secure from other eyes is important. Businesses can keep the information they make or agree to secure when they add their agreement via signature.

Paper signatures are more likely to get lost. When they do, they can fall into the hands of someone who is not authorized to view its contents.

Quality online signature services also enhance protection with the addition of cybersecurity. This way every document you create and store is safe from hackers and security breaches. Client information will stay safe.

3- Enhanced Customer Experience

Good customers are happy customers. They will enjoy your business and are likely to return to you or refer you to others when they have a good experience with you.

Customers like transactions that are clean, concise, and quick just as any business would. Most clients understand how e-signatures work and how to do it without needing guidance as it is generally used and accepted everywhere.

No matter what type of business you conduct, you make the job easier with digital signatures that give customers have a positive experience. You can draw up a contract and sign it yourself with ease with an online signature generator. You and your clients are also able to create a personalized signature.

Customers feel businesses are more trustworthy when they work with businesses online when using secured digital signature services. They can feel at ease knowing everything they add is protected.

4- Legal and Easy Control

Digital signatures are a legal way to complete transactions and it offers both clients and businesses easy version control. Everything from addition to changes in signatures or other text is updated.

There is less room for disaster and confusion or having to deal with ink marks that may invalidate contracts. E-signatures remain valid and legible without depreciating.

E-signatures are left in a digital storage space you can access anytime. If a new write-up is required or an additional signature, there is no need to redo the contract from the beginning as you would need to do with papers. You can add new pages as well as new lines within the same document file.

So long as the client agrees to the new terms, the addition can be completed quickly. The real-time information displayed on all documents makes it easy to track times and dates when documents are signed.

5- Quick Turnaround

Digital signatures allow businesses to work in a more efficient manner, which boosts turnaround. Rather than having to take several steps to complete a document, you and your client can do everything in a single step.

There is no need to waste energy preparing documents, printing them, and sending them out to your client. You do not have to worry about the extra downtime of waiting for your customers to receive and read the document before returning it.

No one has to be in the same place when it is not needed either. You can complete everything you need in one area while your client is somewhere else. There are no constraints where you can add your signature. You can choose to do everything on a phone, computer, or tablet.

When you reduce to eliminate paper, you avoid having to locate documents you need as well because there’s no need to sift through documents. There is no need to scan or create copies and find a spot to keep the paperwork. You have added space and organization to do work in less time.

You can finish transactions between others within seconds. This is especially helpful in time-sensitive scenarios and it will allow better versatility for your business.

Improve Service in Your Business With Digital Signatures

When you operate a business, you need to work with dozens of paperwork and contracts between you and your workers, employees, and other businesses. Creating these contracts and completing them takes a lot of time and energy when you use physical documents.

Digital Signatures are more than just a paperless way of working with documents. They help you improve overall infection with people you work with and it enhances security. You can get tasks involving paperwork done more efficiently and you can save money. It’s a winning service no matter how you look at it.

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