5 Renovation Projects That You Can Do to Keep Your Elderly Parents Safe

For a lot of people, senior living means comfortably spending time at home. But as people start to age, physical changes can make it challenging to move around the house. So, to help solve the problem, one solution that people see is to renovate their home.

Fortunately, there are countless renovation projects that you can do to help your parents stay safe while they spend their days at home. Here are a few projects that you can do at home, along with their average costs.


Doorway widening

See if the doorway in your parents’ home is narrower than 32 inches. If they are, it’s best to consider expanding them to let the wheelchair or any other mobility device pass through. Nerd Wallet says that most contractors would typically replace the existing frame to widen the doorway. Afterward, they’ll often add drywall, insulation, and paint to cover the newly renovated structure. It may also involve moving and rewiring any of the light switches in the doorway. The price for renovating the doorway can range from $400 to $600.

In-home monitoring service

Although having your parents in a hospice care facility is an easier option, having an in-home monitoring service can help you watch over your parents’ house, especially when they’re always alone at home.

TheU.S. News says that you can convert your parents’ house into a smart home installed with fire alarms, burglar alarms, and carbon monoxide detection gadgets to monitor their house effectively. These systems often have a monthly service fee aside from the equipment that you need to purchase. The monthly pricing usually starts at $69 each month.

Machine-operated blinds

Since a person’s mobility slowly deteriorates with age, a bad set of blinds can cause quite a problem for seniors. It’s highly advisable to install automated or motorized window treatments to make it easier for them to control it. It’s a much better alternative rather than standing up and reaching across the furniture.

However, automated blinds aren’t nearly as affordable as regular blinds. An average 36-inch by 48-inch motorized window shade costs at least $300, so you can expect to pay 10% more per foot you add or subtract based on its height and width. Installing one generally costs at least $20 to $50 for every blind.


Slip-resistant floor material

You may also want to replace your hard stone floors with vinyl and linoleum to prevent accidental slips. Even more, since they’re softer than hard stone floors, it can be more forgiving when someone accidentally falls.

The average cost to buy and install linoleum or vinyl is $3 to $4 for every square foot. Meanwhile, the bamboo floor material costs between $5 to $6 for every square foot. However, if you don’t have enough budget, you need to prioritize areas that need the most repairs. Any uneven flooring areas or other defects can cause potential damages for people, no matter their age.


Bathroom grab bars

Installing these bars in the bathtub next to the toilet can help prevent accidents because of slippery tubs, floors, and stalls. You can also install them right over your existing toilet to give them something to hold. Their prices are relatively low and can range from $20 to $30 each. Meanwhile, hiring someone to install them costs at least $70.

These are only a few of the best renovation ideas that you can consider for your home. You can also consider other renovation projects to help your parents with their mobility to reduce social isolation. What’s important is that your parents are safe as they spend their prime years inside their house.

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