5 Resources to Provide Customers With Quality Delivery

A streamlined delivery process for your business is key to happy and satisfied customers. With eCommerce giants, like Amazon and AliExpress, offering same-day shipping, people are used to getting their goods immediately. Nobody wants to wait longer than two days to get their products anymore. Here are five resources to use to ensure quality delivery:

Keep Products Safe While in Transit

No matter how good the reputation of your chosen shipper is, there are things that they cannot control. Sometimes, accidents happen while your package is in transit. The handlers drop it, so the stuff inside gets jostled. They can get squished with other boxes. Sometimes, more massive boxes are inadvertently placed on smaller ones. With these possibilities, if you don’t pack your items thoroughly, you may end up with broken goods.

For best results, wrap the products that you are shipping in bubble wrap. You can also include styrofoam packing peanuts or air pillows for added protection. Including all of these materials ensures that your products are safe from dents and nicks. Since there is cushion and insulation, the chances of breakage are minimized.

Collaborate with a Specialty Service

Use can also use premium white glove services that will cater to your every need. They offer unparalleled service by providing seamless support, whether it’s for packing, shipping, or final delivery of your products. You don’t have to worry about shipping valuable merchandise domestically or overseas because their team is comprised of reliable and trustworthy service professionals.

For instance, if you have unique art that you want to send out; they will give you art-safe packing materials to ensure there is no discoloration. These measures keep your piece in tiptop shape while in transit. They can even go the extra mile and help you set it up in the product’s final destination.

Provide Insurance for Added Protection

You must offer insurance for expensive items. Sometimes, things happen along the way, and your package gets damaged beyond repair, or it can get lost. Either way, it’s a nightmare for your business if you are unable to deliver goods in good working condition. This will ruin your reputation and turn off people your brand.

If you want security, you need to add insurance. This gives you the peace of mind that you will get compensated even if something terrible happens to your package. The price of the insurance is dependent on the property value of the items you are sending. Never undervalue your item for the sake of saving a few extra bucks because this will backfire if something untoward happens.

Make Sure There is a Tracking

People who are eagerly waiting for their packages want to know how the goods are progressing toward their destination. It is natural for people to be excited to get their hands on what they bought online. Tracking will tell your clients which exact mail sorting facility their packages can be found. From the moment it is scanned in and out, your clients will get an alert.

This service means you will get a specific number on your waybill when you ship the items. Make sure you keep it for your records. This is the same number you will give your clients so they can begin tracking the items anytime they want.

Insert Promotional Materials and Free Gifts

Delivery is not just about how your product fares in transit. It also concerns how your customers react when your items are finally in their hands. Remember, your packaged merchandise is the first physical item that your clients will see after your online interaction. This is your chance to make a good first impression. Why settle for being ordinary when you can stand out with personalized promotional materials?

Send it in a customized box that showcases your log and company theme. More importantly, make sure that discount offers or freebies are included in your final package. Everyone loves a freebie, so doing this will endear you to your clients. You may even tempt them to go back to your site to buy more. If you can earn their trust and respect, this will have a significant impact on your sales, which in turn boosts your profits.

Final Word

Getting your product to your customers on time and without compromise is a trial-and-error process. Using the five resources above, you can pinpoint an exact shipping and distribution model that’s efficient and cost-effective.

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