5 Signs of a Professional Product Translation

If you’re looking for a professional product translation service, it helps to know what to look out for in high-quality translation documents as this will enable you to find a professional translator of your own.

Of course, product translation and localization are necessary to bring your products to new countries and regions. As companies are regularly changing and updating their products, it can be an ongoing process without a specific end date.

Though product translations, on the surface, may seem simple and like they are “small fry” compared to other translation projects, this couldn’t be more untrue. They are integral in expanding to new areas of the globe for countless companies around the world. Here are five key signs of professional product translation.

1. A good grasp of context

Good product translation is done with a full understanding of the context in the translation will be used, and this, in turn, aids the decisions made by the translator. Sometimes the product translation might be for a physical label, other times it is for online use – whatever the case, a professional translator will understand the differences in these scenarios and will reflect that in a translation accordingly.

For example, if the product translation is to be used online they may incorporate SEO elements, whereas for a print-out label they’ll be more likely to focus on clear, easy to understand language, instead.

2. Understanding the legal stuff

Another thing that marks a professional translator from an amateur one, is their awareness of the legal side of things. While it’s rare for issues to occur with a product or product description, a good translator will understand the rules around copyright and everything else to do with regulatory compliance in the country they are translating the product for.

If you’re unsure if any translation you receive meets legal guidelines, never be scared to enquire. Experienced translators will already be trained in being demonstrably compliant with all regulatory guidelines and will be happy to talk you through what they’ve done and why.

3. Localization has been considered

Professional product translation encompasses all aspects of the localization process. That’s everything from the literal translation to tweaks in content, format, and style which make it more suitable to the target market.

For example, the process of localization might also involve suggesting another name for a product if the original isn’t widely known in another country, or, making subtle changes that make a product description sound more appealing in the target region. You’ll find translation services to check which are already savvy in identifying all the elements necessary for comprehensive localization.

When completed, they’ll be able to tell you all the steps taken to ensure that localization is thorough and effective, thus aiding the success of your product abroad.

4. The tone of voice is accurate

Different companies use individual branding and have their own unique tone of voice to match. A professional product translator will always do their best to maintain this tone of voice as much as possible in the final text document. Whether it’s a very informative style that is earnest and unfussy or a more luxurious and emotive description, the product translation will mimic the styling of the original text.

Without it, all the hard work of your marketing team (who have spent so much time building up brand identity and aligned tone of voice) will have gone to waste! That’s why an understanding of the tone of voice and how to make it work in another language is a clear sign of an experienced and professional translator.

5. Terminology is consistent throughout

Depending on the product or products at hand, there is likely specific terminology used to label and describe elements related to the product. For example, one skincare company might refer to a moisturizing lotion, while another might call it a moisturizing balm.

These may seem like minor differences, but when they’re missed it can cause confusion for customers who search for a product using a specific name. A professionally translated product description will ensure the correct terminology is always used and is consistent throughout all translations to avoid any customer confusion.


Professional product translation is marked not only by its accuracy but also by its thoroughness. Regardless of the topic, professional translators will always take the time to research things where necessary, ask questions rather than guess when they’re unsure, and maintain immaculate grammar and language skills throughout.

They don’t ever miss words or misconstrue meaning and they know how to perform full quality assurance checks so that you can trust the quality of the finished translation.

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