5 Signs You Need to See a Hearing Specialist

Someone who doesn’t give a response to hearing their name called now and then may not necessarily be experiencing hearing problems. Likewise, a person who has to turn up the television volume to encourage better listening every once in a while may not be hard of hearing. However, if you notice that someone exhibits these behaviors often, this could indicate a hearing loss.

The symptoms associated with hearing difficulties or complete loss may differ depending on the potential condition a person may have. If you think auditory issues impact you or someone you know, you must consult a hearing specialist. Listed below are five signs that someone needs to speak to a hearing specialist.

Falling is a frequent occurrence

Someone can trip and fall at any age, but such accidents are more common among people aged 65 and older. Not only can falling cause injuries and aches, but it can also signal problems with balance, associated with the vestibular system located in the inner ear. While maintaining one’s balance is a challenge that typically comes with age, persistent balancing issues and general clumsiness could signify a hearing loss.

It’s difficult to socialize and have conversations

In some cases, a person who is hard of hearing may begin engaging in fewer social activities. Being unable to hear what a friend or family member says in a busy restaurant or during a card game can be frustrating, so some people avoid going out with others altogether. A person’s decision to reduce social interactions with others can be an often-overlooked sign of possible hearing problems.

socialize and have conversations

Forgetfulness has become more common

It’s common for people to begin forgetting general and personal information they’ve learned or stories they’ve heard as they age. Still, progressive worsening of one’s memory could be a sign of dementia. Furthermore, there can be an association between hearing loss and cognitive decline.

Loud noises don’t generate responses

One of the most known indicators of a hearing problem that may need a hearing specialist’s attention is the repeated failure to respond to one’s name, loud calls, or loud noises.

While older people are more likely to experience this auditory issue, adults and family members should be aware that some children can also display this sign—and others—of hearing loss. Some children may have hearing impairment at birth, while others have auditory issues caused by an infection they have or fluid in their ears.

Loud noises don't generate responses

Hearing is crucial to communication and language development, so parents who notice their child doesn’t respond to calls or loud noises should make arrangements to meet a hearing specialist and address their concerns about their child’s hearing as quickly as possible.

There’s a constant ringing in the ears

Persistent ringing in the ears, even in quiet environments, can be a telltale sign of a hearing problem. It’s usually a characteristic of tinnitus—a sensation in which a person hears a sound in their ears that doesn’t exist. In some cases, tinnitus is an early symptom of the middle ear or inner ear damage, Ménière’s disease, hearing loss, or another auditory problem.

People dealing with tinnitus or any signs of possible hearing loss and auditory issues should consult an ear, nose, and throat doctor (ENT doctor) or audiologist. An ENT, doctor of audiology, or another professional hearing specialist can provide you with the attention and treatment you need to achieve healthy hearing.

Though there is no cure for tinnitus, digital hearing aids that are rechargeable have gone through numerous advancements and have been found to relieve tinnitus symptoms in some tinnitus patients.

Someone in need of an ENT specialist or other hearing care professional to visit can ask for a referral from their primary care physician or do an Internet search for “hearing doctors near me.”

constant ringing in the ears

Through a trusted audiologist company like Hearing Health USA, people can get a high-quality hearing test conducted and access the best hearing aids and cochlear implants if they require a hearing aid to enhance their hearing.

Hearing Health USA—the largest group of United States hearing care clinics operating independently of USA hearing manufacturers—empowers people with care and hearing health education from audiologists and hearing aid specialists and equips them with the best hearing aids and hearing solutions made with top-notch technology.

Visit a hearing specialist as soon as you can to prevent any problems from worsening and improve your hearing and quality of life.

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