5 Sitcoms You Can Enjoy Free On Peacock TV

I’m sure whenever anyone hears the name Peacock TV, The Office is the first thing that comes to mind. The fanbase of this classic sitcom is global, having roots in Canada as well. Knowing this for a fact, Peacock TV is exploiting ‘The Office’ fans by making them pay for a subscription plan to see their favorite show.

The subscription plans announced by Peacock TV include three subscription packages: free, Premium (paid), and Premium Plus (paid). Both the paid subscription plans have access to all seasons of ‘The Office’, whereas the free plan subscribers will remain deprived of this humor-filled gem for now.

To add salt to the injury for Canadian residents, Peacock is only available in the USA and due to its geo-restrictions, it cannot be directly accessed in Canada. But nothing to worry about as you can easily access Peacock TV in Canada via a VPN.  

The Office” is not the only one if you want to spark the dry humor in you and are looking to relax and have a laugh, below here listed sitcoms are the ones that are accessible under Peacock’s free plan so that you can have a good laugh and relaxing weekend without paying a penny.

 1. The Mindy Project:

True fans will recognize the name Mindy more than anyone else as this is the name of one of their most popular stars Kelly Kapoor, a young, vibrant, and energetic girl. Mindy Kaling is the head actor in this new sitcom. Taking a complete shift from her role in The Office, she acts as an OB-GYN expert and is finding the right way in her life along with her other co-workers. 

The show also stars BJ Novak, another Office star popularly known as Ryan Howard in that season. Peacock TV has retained these two stars, and fans around the world would love this sitcom as it includes them.

Mindy Kaling is not only acting in this hilarious season but also is directing it, which makes clear why this show has the same dry humor as the one used in the past on Peacock TV’s most famous season, The Office

2. Billy on the street:

Every person who has a background in the cast of The Office would agree that they have dreamed and imagined a real-life Michael Scott running around the streets and communicating with people in his eccentric style. Peacock TV has turned this imagination into reality and came with a half reality and half talk show sitcom, Billy on the Street.

In the show, Billy walks around the streets of New York asking people different questions or a quick quiz and offering them a Dollar if they get the right answer. This Billy person is as if Michael Scott has come from Scranton to New York and started asking questions filled with dry humor

Peacock TV has made a wonderful effort to make sure that this show is freely accessible to people in Canada and around so that they can enjoy this comedy with no boundaries and see the real-life reactions of people and even celebrities with the host having the same nature as one of the most well-known characters Peacock TV has cast.

3. 30 Rock:

Another free sitcom available to users in Canada on Peacock TV through VPN is “30 Rock”. The name tells us about the location of NBC’s New York studio near 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The story revolves around the cast and crew of a fictional comedy series known as TGS. 

This sitcom is perfect to watch when you unwind and relax. The good thing is, that this show is free to watch and requires no subscription. The sitcom is super popular too. It was nominated for an Emmy for Best Comedy Series.

4. Parks and Recreation:

Want to watch a show with less dry humor that still rocks that same The Office vibe? Well, we have the perfect sitcom for you: Parks and Recreation. It stars Rashida Jones, the same actress who played the role of Karen in The Office. However, the comedy is opposite to what we’re used to watching. What we’re saying is, that you won’t find dry and uncomfortable humor.

As the name states, the main theme of this sitcom on Peacock TV is to convert a pit into a park, and all the efforts around it are merged and presented in a super fun show.

Just like all the sitcoms we’ve mentioned so far, this show is also accessible to viewers in Canada when they connect to a VPN and access Peacock TV.

5. A.P Bio:

Filmed at the start in Los Angeles, this shows a philosophy professor taking a job in advanced payment biology using a lot of his students. This is a recent sitcom that is graded as one of those sitcoms that are more popular among students.

Peacock TV has grasped the attention of young minds as this catches the attention of young students, and the plot surrounds itself as a high school to which students can relate more. 

It is a must-watch sitcom if you want to fill the air with laughter while learning a thing or two about philosophy.

Wrapping up!

These 5 sitcoms are free on Peacock TV and easily accessible to people living in Canada via VPN. We hope that this article provided sufficient information to readers who want to experience the same humor as they once did when watching The Office before it ended.

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