5 Skin Care Tips for Men to Get Rid of Acne

Even though men are seen as the tougher and more rugged gender, it doesn’t mean your skin has to be. Men of all age ranges have issues with acne, especially young and middle-aged men.

There are tips to follow to have healthy and clear skin in addition to other tips on this men’s grooming blog. Follow them consistently and you should see some progress. After all, clearer skin will only be a positive to your appeal.

What You Eat Matters

Men tend to incorporate plenty of foods in the diet that doesn’t make the skin very pleased. Eating greasy fast food and pizza, drinking beer and alcohol, and even indulging in processed snacks in between is not good for your body’s colon. Therefore, it also isn’t good for your body’s skin. Any food fried in grease or cooked in saturated fats and oils will only clog the pores and make acne worse.

Drink plenty of water as it keeps the skin hydrated with the ideal amount of a gallon a day. Fruits and vegetables are what your body also needs as opposed to sweets and processed snacks like chips. Lean meat would be a better option than those tomahawk steaks most men would love to put on the grill.

Health is wealth and it’s just that simple. There is a reason why the saying “you are what you eat” was created. Excessively putting the not-so-good foods into your body then you may find yourself needing a moderate or severe acne treatment.

Using Skincare Products Best for Your Skin Type

Everyone has different skin and acne affects them in various ways. Your skin might be overly sensitive and acne-prone while others may suffer from dry and inflamed skin. Maybe you could be quite lucky with clear skin with an occasional breakout.

Since acne affects everyone differently, understand what your specific skin type is and learn what products are usually best for your type. When it comes to cleansers, those with dry skin should use a cream facial cleanser and those with sensitive or oily skin should use a foam-based cleanser.

In a nutshell, stick to products that have the best effects on your skin. Don’t steer from it and if you have a combination skin type then it may be best to use more general skin care products.

Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

Acne is sure to clear up if you put exfoliating into your skincare routine at least two times a week. It will help remove dirt and dead skin cells faster and more thoroughly. However, overdoing it can lead to irritated skin and inflamed skin.

Find a good natural skin exfoliant and make sure your skin is clean before using it. Your skin’s pores will be less likely to clog which will prevent acne breakouts.

Resist Picking at Pimples

We’ve all been there. A pimple bothers you every time you see it in the mirror or feel it. Therefore, you pop it to accelerate the process of getting rid of it. However, it leaves a blemish behind which isn’t much better.

Instead of popping a pimple, use a topical skincare product instead. It will heal the pimple correctly so there is no scarring or inflammation in that area. A topical retinoid which is a vitamin A treatment is best to use.

Mental Health is Important as Physical Health

Your skin can be affected by your mental state if it’s severe enough. Stress can do damage to the body and acne is a common symptom of stress. Look for various ways to release stress:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Add meditation to your daily routine
  • Get enough rest and sleep
  • Indulge in activities that make you happy (i.e.: traveling, camping, etc.)

Healthy methods of stress relief have a positive effect on the body. The chances of acne are less as well as many other physical benefits to the body.

Be Consistent with Your Healthy Skin Care Routine

These tips won’t be effective if you don’t follow your specific routine. Remember in general to wash your face twice daily, exfoliate twice a week, eat and drink healthy, and manage mental health. Boost your confidence and keep your skin nice and clear.

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