5 Social Media Campaigns That Actually Work

You’re in a bar or party. You are in the middle of telling your small circle of friends about a funny anecdote. Just as you are ready to say the punchline, a large, raucous crowd enters the room.

All heads turn. You are left open-mouthed, and your audience quickly forgets your amusing story.

That’s what many businesses experience daily on social media. Sure, there was a time when you could put your lovingly curated content on social media and get some excellent reactions from your audience.

But times have changed. Social media is big, competitive, and noisy. Trying to get noticed is increasingly difficult. 

If that sounds familiar, check out our short guide to the top five social media campaigns to try this year to boost your profile.

1. User-Generated Content Contest

Publishing regular, fresh content on social media feeds can feel time-consuming and labor-intensive. Fortunately, there’s a more accessible, cheaper, more innovative marketing strategy to help you grow a bigger audience.

Create a competition and get followers to submit content as part of their competition entry. Add that content to your social media feed.

It’s a great way to boost engagement. You’ll get high-quality content that your followers want to share with their friends, particularly if you select their content to feature on your feed.

2. Use Influencers

Influencers continue to hold followers’ attention. A top influencer can have a transformative effect on a small business with the right product sponsorship.

If you want to try a social media marketing influencer campaign, test the waters with a handful of relevant micro-influencers first.

Test the impact of your product promotions. In partnerships that prove fruitful, focus on building a long-term social media relationship with that influencer. 

3. Sponsor a Sports Team

Sports sponsorship has long been a great way to boost your brand. Start by focusing on your audience demographics, as that will help you narrow down the right sport.

Think about aligning a sports sponsorship with a product launch to maximize the impact on social media.

And don’t be afraid to paid-for ads on social media as well as organic engagement. You can learn more here about why Instagram ads are important.

Sports sponsorships get a solid return on investment if you tap into a team with a loyal following. 

4. Celebrate an Event

There are thousands of global events throughout the year, so why not find one that resonates with your audience?

Avoid the obvious candidates like Mother’s Day and Christmas, as these events saturate social media, and any hashtagged posts are likely to get lost in the noise.

Instead, find a lesser-known event that aligns well with your brand. Push that hashtag with your audience (you could even tie this in with a user-generated content contest for extra impact).

5. Champion a Social Cause

What do your customers care about the most? You could try a social media marketing campaign about a social cause that connects deeply with your customer.

Good examples of this from big brands include Dove’s body positivity campaign and Glossier’s Grant Initiative for Black-Owned Businesses. 

Customers are increasingly expecting the brands they love to care about more than their profit margins.

They want to see brands make a more significant impact globally. Getting that message out on social media is an excellent way to show your audience your core values.

Five Social Media Campaigns to Revamp Your Marketing

Don’t sit in the comfort zone of a social media feed that worked for you five years ago. To get a result from your marketing, try one of these five social media campaigns and give your profile the boost it needs. 

For more social media inspiration, head to our business and marketing section for other fresh ideas. 

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