5 Steps Lawyers Take After You Get a DUI

5 Steps Lawyers Take After You Get a DUI

You must hire an attorney after getting a DUI to fight ticket Los Angeles. You could face jail time and a suspended license for years if an officer arrests you on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. Once you hire an attorney, he or she will get straight to work on your case.


  1. Determine Plea


Your ticket lawyer Los Angeles will review the evidence and suggest whether you should please “guilty” or “not guilty.” If you plead not guilty, then the trial will proceed.


  1. Prepare for the Preliminary Hearing


Before the trial in front of a jury, the judge will schedule a preliminary hearing. This is when both sides present evidence, and the judge determines whether there is sufficient evidence to warrant a full trial. By the end of this, the judge will either dismiss the case or send it to trial.


  1. Select the Jury


If the case goes to trial, then your attorney will need to interview people for the jury. Your lawyer will attempt to fill the stands with jurors who will be most sympathetic to you.


  1. Acquire Evidence


Throughout all this, your ticket lawyer will acquire evidence to support your case. This can include finding witnesses who can testify to how much you drank during the night in question. It can also involve obtaining information related to the breathalyzer the officer used on you.


  1. Coach You


Your lawyer will also help you with your personal testimony during the trial. You may need to take the stand, and your attorney will help you understand what information you should provide and what you should exclude.


You automatically stand a better chance of having a more favorable outcome for your DUI case if you have a lawyer from The Ticket Clinic representing you. Schedule your free consultation by calling 1-800-248-2846.


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