5 Steps To Follow For Effective Marketing

Marketing is the process of promoting and selling products and services of any business (TWIN, 2020). The question arises here is ‘why marketing’? Let me create a scenario here. Say one initiates a business of fried chicken. The business is small scale and is initiated locally. Now how will people know that this new product is in the market? The answer is marketing. Marketing is the technique of promoting specific products to targeted customers. The more people will know about the product the more will they be willing to give it a try.

There are a number of marketing companies to perform the task of advertising. One can use television, or posters, or billboards et cetera for their marketing. The goal at the end of the day is to make the brand popular enough for people to give it a try.

Below are a few techniques one can use to manage the marketing activities of the organization properly:


Spend More

Marketing is all about spending more. One can use leave competitors behind just by paying a little more. Spending more increases, the chances of capturing a large portion of the market.

One can use different means of advertising. For instance posters, Television ads, radio ads, Youtube videos, Billboards, or even pay websites to put an ad on. One can also use little instruments such as lanyards or keychains to remind people of themselves. The last is to invest in the brand website. One should make the website more capturing and trustworthy.

The goal of spending more is to keep the product in customer sight all the time.


Diversified Marketing

When advertising it is necessary to invest in more than one platform. The reason behind it is to make customers psychologically similar to the product. If they see it on more than one platform, they will for sure grow a bit fond of the product and might consider buying it.

Also advertising on one platform will only target a few people. When marketing, it is better to grab the attention of as many people as possible.

Say if one goes out to get the groceries and one the way he/she steps out of the house and see a poster of detergent on the electricity pole. While driving on the road he/she sees the detergent name on banners hanging here and there. He/she switches on the radio and the same detergent name pops up. When he/she stop at the traffic signal, the billboard on the left is occupied with the same detergent face and name. Finally, when he/she enters the store the detergent is on the top shelves. What will he/she think? For a moment for sure consider giving it a try. Therefore, diversified marketing is the key to more sales.


Better Build Relationships

As the world is getting smarter, so are advertisements. Previously people were not so much flooded with ads. The market was not so much saturated. There was less competition thus fewer ads. Nowadays one can see small as well as large businesses. They use different marketing platforms to get their product information to the targeted customers. Therefore, people are flooded with ads all around themselves. Most of the people get irritated by such pressing ads and develop a negative image of the product in their head.

People now want to develop relationships with brands. Hence, it is much better to provide a better-quality product and attain customer satisfaction rather than flooding them in ads.


Little Things Make Difference

Instead of using the old methods of posters, billboards, TV ads et cetera it is better to give people something that reminds them of the brand repeatedly. For instance, use lanyards, keyrings, cups, pens, or notebooks. These little things can help a lot when marketing. is the other name of custom lanyards. They provide a diversified product category. From lanyards to badge reels they provide the best of the best. When it comes to custom lanyards, they have a variety of colors in store with different lanyard materials. Printed lanyards come on cotton, nylon, and polyester, etc. Not to mention the lowest price and fastest delivery guarantee.


Indirect Marketing

There are commonly two types of marketing techniques. First is the direct marketing technique. It is quite common, and one will find it the easiest method to approach customers.

Next is indirect marketing. It is commonly adopted by high-end brands. Such brands have an excellent and expensive product or service range. They do not find it necessary to approach the customer themselves instead depend more on word of mouth.

It has the biggest advantage of untargeted customers. When a brand advertises it selects a certain group of the population that might be interested in the product or service. But when it comes to indirect marketing there is no advertisement thus no target customers. When people listen to the brand indirectly, they approach accordingly. Therefore, the brand does not miss any customers by targeting only a certain population.


Marketing can be a tricky process. If done right, it can help the business grow tremendously and if done wrong it can help the business fail tremendously. Therefore, it is always better to follow marketing techniques according to the nature of the business.

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