5 Stress-Busting Holidays

Stress has become a symptom of modern life. The figures are rising year on year and appear not to be slowing.

The most common causes of stress include:

  • The future
  • Finances
  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Crime

There are many different ways to help you overcome stress in your daily life – eat healthily, reduce your intake of caffeine and alcohol, get more sleep, and indulge in a hobby. However, for many people, stress is alleviated by taking a holiday. It’s the one time that they can escape the demands of their everyday life and truly switch off.

The digital age that we live in means that you are connected 24/7; however, this can mean that burnout occurs and you are exhausted by continuous exposure to others. The pressure to be the ideal partner, employee, friend, daughter, or son while being the best version of yourself is all-consuming.

It seems that today’s modern lifestyle is no longer sustained by an average holiday. People need a different kind of getaway to enable them to rebalance their bodies and mind. In the pursuit of ultimate rejuvenation and a break from everyday life, the world is your oyster, but what type of stress-busting holiday do you need?

1- Spa Break

From the food that you eat to the treatments that you can access on the manicured grounds, spa getaways offer you the opportunity to spend time in a space that is designed purely for relaxation and wellbeing.

Although there may be a spa near where you live, booking a trip further afield to a destination you’ve never been to might just be exactly what you need.

2- Hotel Stay

The appeal of a hotel stay is that you can choose a destination that meets your relaxation needs. Whether you prefer beaches, lakeside, or mountain regions to relax in, there will be a hotel that caters to your taste. Like a spa break, a hotel stay means that you don’t need to think about anything beyond relaxing as your food, accommodation, and entertainment are contained in one space.

However, the difference to a spa break is that the other guests may not have the same agenda as you. Always check out reviews of the hotel you are planning to stay at so that you avoid spending your holiday in Party Central.

3- Villa Holiday

Staying in a villa provides you with the opportunity to access the amenities of an incredible destination but without the intrusion of other people. You are not restricted by the set mealtimes or regimen of a hotel; rather a villa getaway allows you to tailor your holiday to your wants and your needs.

Check out these villas in Majorca; many have private swimming pools, and spacious luxury living, which would be perfect for a family. By choosing to stay here you have the option of where to spend your time – in seclusion at the villa or a public beach, the best of both worlds.

4- Eco-Retreat

Spending time in the great outdoors, and immersing yourself in nature is a wonderful way to disconnect and adjust your perspective of life. An eco-retreat offers you the chance to relax and rejuvenate, knowing that you are not making a negative impact on Mother Earth.

Eco-retreats are no longer simply about spartan living. Whether you crave time out a living simply or wish to indulge in a high-end experience, there are retreats for all budgets and preferences. At both ends of the budget scale, you will find that the eco-retreats are set in areas of outstanding beauty and offer the environmentally conscientious traveler an opportunity to relax in sustainable surroundings.

5- Activity Breaks

Some people find the greatest way to escape the stress of their daily lives is to take part in adrenaline-inducing activities. It gets their heart pumping and releases an abundance of happy hormones.

Need inspiration for an activity break? Think about skiing, hiking, kayaking surfing, and rock climbing; all of these suggestions are highly active but combine being outdoors too.

Whether you book accommodation and activities independently or join a guided group for your activity break, being so active will ensure that your holiday pushes you physically but reinvigorates you mentally.

So what type of stress-busting holiday appeals to you? Of course, the destination is only part of the dilemma. Who are you going to go with, or are you going to go solo? Choosing who to travel with is a big decision and influences the success of your trip.

You do not want to go on holiday with someone who creates the type of stress that you are leaving behind. Here are 10 questions to think about before you invite someone to join you:

  1. Do you share the same goals and expectations?
  2. Have you got a similar budget?
  3. Are you comfortable to sit in silence together?
  4. Will your friend need you for entertainment?
  5. Are they independent, for example, would they go out for food alone, or will they want the company?
  6. Can you relax in their company?
  7. Can you rely on them?
  8. Are they calm?
  9. Are they confident?
  10. Are they super-organized? Or are they borderline lazy?

The ideal travel companion is someone whose company you enjoy but who will give you space when you need it; organized enough to have researched where you are going and have an idea about what they want to do but without having a strict itinerary for you to stick to.

They will also have the strength of character so that you don’t feel like you must parent them. It can be tricky to identify who is best to travel with, so take your time and be selective.

While a relaxing holiday can be a great way to alleviate stress, you should spend time reflecting on the root cause of your stress and identifying a solution. Typically, it is only when you are removed from a situation and relaxed that you can gain valuable insights into how to make positive changes to your life so that you can feel more balanced.

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