5 Successful Brands with Effective Marketing Strategies

Studies have proven time and again that human behavior influences purchasing patterns. Good marketing and promotional strategies can either make or break the success of your business. Small and medium ventures don’t have enough cash to hire the best. This does not mean that they have to settle with flawed marketing ideas.

A smart and alert business owner knows that he/she can learn a lot about promotions and marketing by keeping track of what established organizations are doing. It will help a startup owner to get the necessary tips, which will ensure a firm footing in this cut-throat world of business.

This does not mean blindly copying the marketing strategies of big companies. For starters, a small or medium-sized organization may not be big enough to need to implement an online proofing process or other marketing strategies that big corporations follow.

Use your head and select the ideas, which will meet the requirements of your business. Understand your target market, keep a tab on the requirement of your clients, know your products well and then land with awesome marketing strategies.

But never forget this cardinal rule – if you don’t have a complete comprehension of a particular approach, then don’t put it to use. The chances are high that it will backfire, diminishing the profits and tarnishing the image of your organization. Here are some impressive marketing strategies, which helped these business moguls succeed in their endeavors.

Always be consistent

Lack of consistency will pave the path for the downfall of established business organizations. If you want to learn a thing or two about consistency, then you must check out the success track of Coca-Cola. The name and logo need no introduction in any part of the world. The company has served good quality aerated drinks to the masses for over 130 years.

The owners stated that around $4.3 billion is spent on an annual basis to meet promotional needs. But its biggest asset is consistency. The company has consistently offered nothing but the best products, and people have repaid that in kind. So, consistency should be at the top of your list.

Coca Cola


Create a movement

Business success is not something that will be served on a platter. You need to face obstacles, figure out solutions, and triumph overall to earn them. The story of Apple is full of such examples. Steve Jobs did not believe in just making a gadget. He had a vision and desired to change lives with these products. He was a man on a mission.

He was able to create a wave of innovation with his products. His unique ideas struck the right chord with the target customers. He did not just create a movement; he also made the people a part of it.

Flawless social marketing strategies

The inclusion of new-age media has transformed the entire marketing game. Business owners must bring changes to their promotional policies. A different set of plans is a necessity for online marketing success. Starbucks has carved its niche in this sector. Starbucks takes its online marketing very seriously.

It maintains some profiles on different social media platforms. It invests time and money to create amazing promotional videos regularly. It also depends on interesting GIFs to attract the attention of target clients. Apart from this, they make it a point to reply to clients’ doubts and grievances. Open channels of communication help this organization to understand and serve customers better.



Give back to society

Social responsibility plays a vital part in increasing brand value. Both small and big organizations must contribute to the betterment of the community. Some garment brands create awareness about ‘going green and the importance of recycling, while other companies donate money to help impoverished people.

If you love bags and fashion accessories, then you must be familiar with the New York-based fashion brand Coach. The company works tirelessly to empower teenage females.

The organization has also established the Coach Foundation which empowers young girls with education. The Indian Film Industry is well aware of Salman Khan’s philanthropic nature. He established Being Human Organization in 2007.

It is a registered NGO that has been working for the betterment of society in various ways. The superstar donates the profits to ensure medical and educational facilities for as many children as possible. One can purchase the iconic navy blue blazer from the store and the Being Human online portal.

Nike experince


Always tell an engaging story

Offering vital information is a must to win the customers’ trust. But the presentation of dry facts will get you nowhere. The presentation of details is a crucial aspect. Nike is one company that has perfected the art of storytelling. Instead of selling the resultant product, they take the clients on a unique journey.

This journey highlights everything from the conception of the idea to manufacturing. The marketing strategists at Nike have a way with words. They weave engaging words together to paint an exciting story, focusing on the relationship between the product and the user.

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