5 Things Bride Needs To Know Before the Big Day

Whether you spend six months, three months, or a year, you are going to have a wonderful and memorable wedding day. But no matter how long you’ve been preparing for this big day, there will be some small but important details that can easily be missed. You are not to blame though, your schedule is quite hectic between food tasting, venue hunting, and dress fittings.

To keep you on top of things, here are a few things that you need to know before your big day. They may seem like a minute detail, but they can be of help to those essential moments.

Ready Your Shoes

If there is any other item as important as your wedding dress, it may as well be your wedding heels or shoes. You will be wearing them for at least a good 4 hours or more than half a day. It must be stylish for you, suitable for the dress, and most importantly comfortable. No one wants bruised feet after their blissful day.

Brides are likely to buy new shoes for their wedding day. Every bride wants a perfect pair of designer heels.  But you need to remember that you will be wearing them for a long period, and are likely to be standing for most of it; so you need to break them in first. Wear it from time to time and try practicing your walk on different surface areas. This will help you familiarize yourself with the right kind of balance needed and will help loosen up the item to make it less stiff and more breathable.

Seating and HeadCount

While you are counting the days before your big day, you need to make the final seating arrangement and headcount submitted to your wedding venue, organizer, and caterer. This will ensure that they can provide adequate space and seating and serve the appropriate amount of food based on the final estimated guest list. This means efficient and effective planning and execution and will prevent you from incurring additional fees.

Hair and Makeup Trial

You are beautiful but don’t you agree that your wedding day deserves a little oomph by having professionally done hair and makeup? Apart from making you extra beautiful, having someone do your hair and makeup will prevent you from getting stressed out. It is easy to just point out and show your artist the kind of makeup and hairstyle you are going after. But doing hair and makeup trials will show you what you like and don’t like.

The hair and makeup posted on your social media may look stunning and show-stopping, but they may look unflattering in real life. Having a hair and makeup trial will allow you to foresee how you look on the day itself and give you the opportunity to ultimately decide and the look that looks perfect at any angle and every light.

Keep Your Bouquet Low

Holding a bouquet adds drama and aesthetic to the moment you are walking down the aisle, but holding it too high can make it look unflattering. It can cover your face from some angle in photos and cover the style and design of your wedding dress.

Keep your bouquet at a low, maybe at the same level as your elbow or just above your navel. The lower the bouquet is placed the better your torso and arms will look both in person and in pictures.

Be well rested

Makeup can only cover so many flaws so it is important to have your beauty sleep. It should not only be on the night before your big day but at least have some good quality sleep one or two weeks before exchanging your vows. Keep yourself relaxed and don’t let yourself be stressed out. No lady wants a breakout on their supposedly most beautiful day.

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