5 Things Special about Merino Wool

Merino wool is known as one of the most splendid and softest wools in the world. It is commonly found in Australia and no other fiber can come close to its distinct qualities. It is a natural fiber grown throughout the year by Merino sheep on farms across Australia. Unlike other synthetics that undergo a process of non-renewable fossil energy process, merino wool is said to be made by using natural ingredients like water, fresh air, and grass. Merino wool is considerably lightweight, soft, and is a non-itchy fabric that is also resistant to foul odor. The manufacturers use it in a way to ensure that it keeps people cool in summers whereas, warm in winters.

However, if you wish to extend its effectiveness, it is very important to take care of it and use it with much-needed precautions. Merino wool care guide is very simple and will ensure product longevity for a good amount of time. Follow the instructions that the manufacturers provide with it so that any kind of misguidance can be avoided. By complying with the instructions, you will be able to make the most use of the fabric.


Aspects That Make Merino Wool Special:

  1. Softness and Silky-smooth Texture: Merino fiber is known to be soft and fine that when it comes in contact with the skin, it is very soft and provides comfort to the people. People love to wear stuff that is comfortable and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, making merino wool the favorite fabric to be worn during summer and winter both.
  2. Moisture Absorption: Merino fabric is highly popular in clothing like activewear. It tends to absorb moisture like sweat and dampness away from the skin while evaporating it into the surrounding, which is why people who work out regularly and exercise daily prefer to adorn this athletic wear. It also allows them to move their muscles and stretch their body without hindering their movements during a fitness session.
  3. Biodegradable: Unlike other fabrics, merino wool is decomposable and biodegradable. So you can be sure that the fabric you are choosing is good for the environment as well.
  4. Long-lasting: Merino wool provides massive protection from sunlight which makes the wear last for an extended period of time. Moreover, it is significantly resistant to odor and is said to be sweatproof. It can easily combat the build-up of unpleasant smell which will not only makes your workout session a pleasant experience but also people who often go hiking can wear it for days without worrying about any foul smell.
  5. For All Weathers: This type of fabric is notably great for summer and winter both. It has thermo-regulation benefits which makes it ideal for all seasons. Its absorbing ability takes away the sweat and liberates it as heat while keeping the body cool. However, in winters, its texture traps the air in the pockets, creating a barrier between the body and the outside temperature.

These are just 5 unique properties of Merino wool that makes it ideal for athletes and people interested in outdoor activities. There are other properties as well that can make your purchase worthwhile.

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