5 Things That Are Dating Your Home – And How To Fix Them

Often times we feel overwhelmed by a number of different things – the work, everyday activities like shopping, going to the movies, hanging out with friends and family, and so on. Sometimes we don’t even notice just how fast time flies, even though we say that regularly. One day we wake up realizing that so many years have passed without making any serious house investments or improvements.

But before you start panicking and making calls to arrange to throw everything out and order new furniture, we’d recommend you to fix these 5 things and your home will instantly get a completely newfangled, present-day look.


Eroded or Dingy Tiles

This one’s probably been at the back of your head all the time, you just didn’t want to fully acknowledge the fact that your tiles have been all scuzzy for years now. You kept saying to yourself that it’s not that bad, until one day you just couldn’t look the other way. Your subconsciousness is now screaming at you and you’re finally thinking about doing something about it.

But your first thought shouldn’t be: ’I’m going to get a hammer and break everything!’, nor should it be: ’I’m calling pros to handle this ASAP’. There’s a simple solution to this problem: regrouting. You can do it yourself, and save loads of money. The end result: your tiles are going to look like new, without all the icky grout.


Wall-To-Wall Carpets

These should be a thing of past, and you know it: not only that wall-to-wall carpets belong to a pre-war period, but they’re also magnets for all kinds of stains and debris.

If you can’t afford to put new hardwood floors, there’s a clever and simple way to cover your likely already damaged carpets by putting a big, modern-looking rug on top.


Old Drapes and Curtains

Another thing that belongs to the past is the old drapes and curtains your grandma would’ve adored if she was still around. Sure, getting rid of these is easy, but you don’t want to risk your curious neighbors seeing you in those awkward, home-alone moments (not to mention the satellites – the whole Australia is allegedly covered!).

Luckily, there’s no need to panic, as there are plenty of alternatives that are going to keep you from all the different kinds of prying looks. Instead of using drapes and curtains, we’d recommend opting for stuff like shade and blinds in Brisbane – these are going to make you invisible and safe from all those intruding looks. And speaking of looks – your house will definitely appear coeval and neoteric as soon as you install them.


Wood and Faux-Wood Paneling

Maybe you were a fan of the 1960s somewhere in the 1980s and decided that it would be a great idea if you put wood paneling all around the house. The idea may have been good for a couple of years, but now it’s high time to do something about this. You just can’t wait for it to become retro-cool again, especially since this might never happen again (fingers crossed).

The solution is rather easy: whitewashing everything. Wood paneling is just wood, at the end of the day, and shouldn’t be too hard to cover. As a result, you’ll get an awesome-looking interior instead of an outdated baby-boomer decor.


Light Fixtures

As your interior gets more light from painting everything white, you’d want to consider getting the place even more illuminated.

New light fixtures are going to breathe in the new life to your home promptly. The dark ages are long gone, so why should your house be a constant reminder of those times? A great thing about light fixtures is that it really doesn’t have to be expensive. Just don’t opt for a retro style here: be sure to remember that you’re trying to revamp the place and make the house appear more, not less modern.



Redecorating your home to match the current trends and contemporary styles doesn’t have to be too costly. You just need to look around and replace the things that stand out the most and that is making your house look like it’s been teleported to the future. Fix these 5 things that are dating your home and you’ll immediately find yourself living in the present.


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