5 Things To Check Before Buying An Air Cooler For Your Home

Buying an air cooler is a great idea. It provides excellent cooling for a minimal price and with low electricity consumption. It’s also an extremely viable option for students and working youth who need an easy to use and portable cooling system. But before you leap to purchase or even rent one, here are a few things to keep in mind. Read on to know the five things that you should check before getting an air cooler.

  1. Humidity – One of the key things that you need to know before getting an air cooler is that air coolers aren’t meant for humid climates. They function with the help of water as their cooling agent, which makes a room more humid. This can cause more discomfort if you’re living in areas of high humidity. For instance, buying or taking an AC for rent in Pune is better than an air cooler since it tends to have higher humidity during the primary summer months. If you’re living in arid areas; however, a cooler is a good idea.
  1. Water availability – As mentioned, since coolers use water as their principal cooling agent, they require water continually throughout the entire time that you use it. If you’re living in areas where water is scarce, then purchasing a cooler isn’t the best idea. Not only would low water not allow your cooler to work properly, but it may also damage it as well. So make sure you take into account water availability in your area before getting an air cooler.
  1. Portability – Air coolers vary significantly in terms of their design and size, and this affects their portability as well. If you have the idea of moving soon or have less space in your apartment, make sure you buy an appropriately sized cooler. If it’s too large, then it will become a hassle and take up a lot of space in your living quarters. Make sure your cooler is compact and isn’t very wide. Another thing that you should ensure that your cooler has is durable wheels so that it can be moved easily without much effort.
  1. Price – Even though they are affordable, make sure that you aren’t paying for more than what you require. Some air cooler models tend to be significantly overpriced while offering common features. Make sure you compare several models by various companies before concluding. You can easily get some of the best air coolers under 5000. Don’t overlook the option of renting, especially in urban areas. You can easily get air coolers for rent in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, and all other metropolitan cities with ease.
  1. Upkeep – Before you take the final leap of getting an air cooler, make sure to be informed of the amount of maintenance that it will require. The cooling panels and the water pump will require the most upkeep. Generally, coolers are built to last and need only periodic assistance. So, make sure that you’re not purchasing a cooler that requires a lot of high maintenance and can run smoothly without problems for long periods.

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