5 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Contractor

Decided it’s a bit too daunting to start that home improvement project on your own? Or perhaps the business has grown so much this year, that you need to explore a new office layout or break ground on a new building? If this sounds like you, you have probably already realized you need a professional to help you get settled in that expanded office or dream kitchen.

To make your dreams a reality, you need to choose a contractor, but there are over 600,000 contractors in the US and the process can seem overwhelming. Let’s explore 5 tips most people wish they knew before hiring a contractor for their home or business.

1. Shop Around

Make sure you fully consider your options before settling on a contractor. If you get several bids from different contractors, you can compare and contrast key issues like the quality level of services, price point, and time frame for deadlines. Depending on the size of the project, it is standard to get three to six bids to start with and see how the companies weigh against each other.

2. Keep A Clear Vision

Before you hire a contractor, it’s important to spend time thinking about your vision for the project. Have clear goals about what you want, and you’ll feel empowered to collaborate with your contractor and take charge of the process. If you take the time to clarify your goals before you hire a contractor, it will increase the likelihood that you end up with a final product that matches the vision in your head.

3. Do Some Research

Never hire someone based on recommendation alone. While it is tempting to take the word of a friend or family member and hire based on a personal connection, always do your research on potential contractors before making your final decision. Upon researching different contracting companies, you want to make sure their contracting license is up to date (check their licenses and make sure they were educated by a credible company like RocketCert) and choose a company that prides itself in cleanliness, precision, and professionalism so you can get your goals accomplished promptly.

One of the most frustrating feelings is collaborating with a contractor who is careless in setting time frames and executing their work with accuracy. It’ll make for a painful process and a result that most likely won’t match your vision.

4. Communicate and Set Boundaries

If you’re hiring a contractor for your home or workplace, chances are you will be in close contact with the company’s employees for some time. Set clear boundaries for when work can be done, where to park and store equipment, and what rooms of the building they should have access to for the duration of the project.

Also, always make sure you choose someone you feel like you can easily communicate with. Of course, you’ll be signing a contract that legally protects both parties, but additionally, it is helpful to be able to communicate effectively with your contractor when issues inevitably arise.

5. Read The Fine Print

Once you have settled on a contractor for your project, you will need to obtain a printed copy of the contract signed by both parties and lay out a detailed payment schedule. It is standard to make your final payment once the project is completed so you can have the chance to review the job and make sure it aligns with your vision. Always read through the contract to gain a clear vision of the cost of materials, labor fees, start and completion dates, blueprints, and payment schedule.

Dealing with a contractor to create the home of your dreams or the office to fit your vision doesn’t have to be a pain! Consider these tips before you hire your next contractor and make it a smooth process for all involved.

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