5 Things To Consider For Master Bathroom Renovations

An ideal house would have 2 sets of bathrooms. The first bathroom is the main bathroom which family members and guests frequently use, and another bathroom would be the master bathroom.

A master bathroom is usually located in the master bedroom. Here, you will be given the liberty to decorate and add some designs according to your liking. You can add fancy wall decorations and neatly organize your spa/bath essentials. Maybe put some candles, LED lights and speakers if you prefer.

This bathroom is considered a sanctuary of relaxation, which means once you step inside your master bathroom, you will feel calmer and more at ease. That’s why you should make it look nice and comfortable by adding some creative touch and humidifiers.

Redecorating it with painting or wall art is a good thing, but renovating your entire bathroom would be more advisable. If you want some tips, we might just be able to help. Here are 5 things you should consider for master bathroom renovations.

1- Choose the correct toilet

Even if they are just toilets, they still significantly impact the flooring, space, and design of your master bathroom. Toilets are hard to move, and they can only be removed when you ask for renovation, which is why choosing and placement of your toilet are crucial.

When it comes to designs, various toilets give a different sense of themes. They come in different sizes and add-on functionalities. There are more recommendations on unique and affordable toilets online. Best Toilet Guides have a list of reviews and recommendations for toilets and bathroom essentials.

2- Invest in a bathtub

If you genuinely want to experience luxury and comfort all at the same time, you should place a bathtub into your master bathroom. If you already have one in your master bathroom and you want to replace it with a new one, then this is one thing that you should consider when you renovate your master bathroom.

The same as the toilet, bathtubs are also impossible to move on your own. If you want to move it even for an inch, it will need a lot of work. Match your bathtub with the theme you want to achieve, but be careful since the bathtub is huge and can be a focal point in your bathroom.

The design will be the first thing anyone will notice but make sure that its functionality will be top-notch.

3- Tiles matter

When you want to change your master bathroom’s whole setup or planning on renovating it, carefully choose which tiles you would use for your flooring. You may want to ensure that it’s not too slippery or easily damaged. Tiles are influential, and they set the whole theme of the bathroom. Think about what you want your master bathroom to look like.

If you want it to look elegant, you can install black marble tiles or go for colors that give a sense of luxury like white, gold, and gray. If you want to feel relaxed, you can go for colors like soft blues, taupe, light gray, and greens. Wooden designs will be perfect if you’re going to achieve an eco-friendly theme. 

4- Natural light is important

Windows in bathrooms are typically small due to privacy matters, but if your window’s location is safe, you should try making your windows bigger. Making your windows bigger during your renovation can allow natural light to come in.

Natural light can reduce stress and anxiety, which is good for your mental health. It brightens the room and enhances the loom of the bathroom, especially when you want a nature type theme. Just make sure to install some blinds if you don’t feel like it at night.

5- Consider going low flow

Try going for something sustainable like eco-friendly faucets or sinks. The water pressure in your bathroom does not affect your bathroom’s design and cannot distract you from your relaxation, so changing your faucets for a low-flow version is one way to consider when you want to renovate your master bathroom.

Low-flow taps will allow you to conserve water, lower your water bill, and save hundreds of gallons a year.

Luxury and comfort don’t have to be wasteful. Renovating doesn’t necessarily mean that you should throw out your old ones. You can opt to restore and repair if it’s still possible.

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  1. It looks so good!! What a great project! Love all the white in your bathroom! also your architecture map awesome

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