5 Things to Consider When Replacing Gutters

Did you know that an inch of rainfall can add up to 1900 gallons of water coming down on your roof? That’s why it’s important to have gutters to protect your roof and foundation. But if the gutters are malfunctioning they can cause significant damage to your home. 

Luckily, if your gutters are at the end of their lifespan you can get new ones. Replacing your gutters is a simple process, but you should consider a few things before doing so. Learn more about the top five things to consider when replacing gutters below.

1. Roof Repair

Before you start picking out gutters, you might want to have a professional roofing company come out and assess the condition of your roof. There’s no sense in going through a gutter installation if your entire roof needs to be replaced! Find out if you need a new roof, or just repairs before getting new gutters put in.

2. Repairing vs. Replacing Gutters

While you may think your roof gutters are past their prime, you may just need gutter repair. Have local gutter companies like Amenity Roofing Siding & Gutters take a look and see if any of your gutters can be salvaged. Fixing them could save you a lot of money, and save you the time and effort of having them replaced.

3. Materials

Once you’re sure you need a gutter replacement, the next step is to consider what material works best for your roof gutters. Most homeowners choose aluminum since it is budget-friendly and plentiful. Others prefer copper for its distinctive look and long lifespan. 

4. Sizing

The next step is to measure and figure out the sizing and amount of gutters that you need. If your gutters clog frequently, you might want to think about upgrading to a larger gutter size. It may also be helpful to do a visual inspection of your roof and see if there are any areas missing gutters that you would like to cover in your order. 

5. Gutter Guards

One final thing to take into account in the gutter selection process is whether or not you want gutter guards on your gutters. They can help prevent build-up and clogs in gutters. This is very useful to have if you live in a place that sees a lot of leaf fall or if you don’t have the time and energy to do regular cleanings. 

Ready To Replace Your Gutters? 

Now that you’ve read about the top things to consider when replacing gutters, you can feel confident enough to tackle your own gutter replacement project. Before you place an order, evaluate your current system and see what needs to be changed or upgraded. Then you can think about gutter design and what colors and styles work best for your home. 

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Viral Rang
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