5 Things To Know Before Getting Cosmetic Surgery

It is estimated that over 18 million Americans visited their doctors to schedule a surgical or minimally invasive cosmetic appearance in 2018. This number is likely to triple in the coming years. The popularity associated with cosmetic surgery has risen drastically over the last five years because there has been a lot of positive media from celebrities who are promoting cosmetic surgery thus a shift in the public’s attitude positively.

Additionally, more people are linking their physical attributes to self-esteem and general attitudes towards themselves. Therefore, if they do not like a certain aspect of their body, they would rather change it than live with it.

Studies have indicated that women are more likely to undergo cosmetic surgical procedures than their male counterparts. Some of the common cosmetic procedures are breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, nose-shaping, and eyelid surgery. Most individuals have questions before they undergo a cosmetic procedure, but here are the five things that one should know before getting cosmetic surgery.

Choose a qualified doctor

Although prices vary for identical cosmetic procedures, cost should not be the major determinant of where to get your procedure done. One should choose their doctor based on the qualifications, skills, and experience that the doctor has. Ensure that your doctor is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) or the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery (ABFPS). Plastic surgeons require additional training apart from the six-year surgical program found in Medicine school.

It is crucial to get a doctor who is experienced and well versed with the cosmetic procedure that you are planning to undertake. Ensure that the surgical facility is licensed and the anesthesiologists are licensed too. Assess the success rate and reviews of the doctors from their website or regular local hearsay.

Assess your overall health

It is important to assess one’s physical health before undertaking a cosmetic procedure. Candidates who are viable for cosmetic surgical procedures are men and women who are of utmost good health physically, have a stable weight, are nonsmokers, not live with any comorbidity, and have an interest to change their physical appearance. If you are considering having a baby after the cosmetic procedure or losing weight, then it is advocated to reschedule the procedure.

One’s overall health will affect the recovery journey. People who are in good shape are more likely to recover quickly than those who are physically unfit. It is vital to notify of any allergies to any medication.

Legally, only persons over the legal age of 18 years are allowed to have cosmetic surgery. However, if cosmetic surgery is recommended for medical reasons like the correction of congenital abnormalities, then it can be performed after seeking consent from the parent or guardian.

It should also be noted that if you do not have the financial means to spend money on cosmetic surgery then it would also be wise to wait until you have money saved up. Cosmetic surgery is not generally covered under insurance so make sure you are prepared financially as well.

What are the risks involved and complications of cosmetic surgery?

An individual needs to be informed before the surgical procedure of the risks involved or complications that may arise when undergoing the procedure. Cosmetic surgery, like any other surgery, has the potential to cause post-operational complications like infections, bleeding, and thrombosis. However, having a competent and qualified surgical team will minimize the chances of getting post-operative complications.

Some procedures like rhinoplasty, once done cannot be reversed; therefore, the patient should research the procedure that they wish to undergo and ask any questions to their doctors. Again, make sure that you find a reputable doctor in your area, for example, if you live in Toronto you would search for a doctor that does rhinoplasty in Toronto. The doctor should be able to answer all the questions and put to rest any concerns that the patient has.

Recovery and aftercare

Most patients focus so much on the cosmetic surgical procedure that they forget that they need to schedule a time to rest and recover after the surgery. Aftercare is as important as the surgical procedure itself. Depending on the cosmetic surgical procedure, the length of the operation, the type of anesthesia used, and the overall health of the patient, the time of recovery may vary.

It is essential to schedule post-operative check-ups with your doctor to assess the healing and identify any post-operative complications at an early stage. Following your doctor’s instructions and taking the necessary precautions goes a long way toward ensuring a safer and quicker recovery.

The results will not appear immediately

Most individuals expect a drastic change in their physical appearance immediately. However, this is not the case, and it may take some time before the effects of the cosmetic surgical procedure start showing. Be patient and take time to recover.

Conclusively, cosmetic surgery is a personal choice. However, one needs to take a keen interest in where you are getting the surgery, who performs it, and the recovery process.

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