5 things You Must Try in Your Bedroom to Spice up Your Love Life

If you have been with a partner for a long time, there is a large probability you have fallen into a routine, in and out of the bedroom. If you are looking to spice things up in your love life, one place you can make a big bang is in the bedroom.

Indeed, the bedroom is an important part of your life with your partner. A lot of magic happens there. There is so much you can do in the bedroom that would spice up things in other rooms and your love life. The beautiful thing is that most of these things are not complicated.

Here are a few things you must try in your bedroom to spice up your love life.

Try out new styles and positions

You see, the bedroom is like the engine room of the whole relationship, that’s where the fire is made. You must not make things get boring there, especially since you hope to be with the same partner forever.

Try out new bedroom tricks to spice up your love life. You and your partner should explore new sexual styles and positions – the Kamasutra was made for this reason.

Shake and dust off old debris and fan your passion to flames. There are plenty of options to pick from asides from the missionary and doggy positions. You might want to try the cowgirl position, twist and shout, catgirl, or double-decker position; you have plenty of other options and positions to explore.

Introduce a sex toy

The idea of sex toys is no more alien. For you it might be “new things” but be open to change, new and different. There are simple sex toys that can help fuel things up in the bedroom. There is a sex toy for everyone, for him, for her, for foreplay. Sex toys heighten up passion and are a sure way to create a bonfire in the bedroom. Sex toys are also a must for foreplay if you want to spice up your love life. Relationship counselor Alexa spoke about how he introduced using sex toys in the bedroom to spice things up with his partner. While she was initially hesitant, they ordered a dragon dildo and haven’t looked back since. The novelty of the initial toy helped break the ice and allowed them to both open up to trying new things without having to take things too seriously.

Talk about each other’s fantasies – and explore them

A lot of couples would rather not voice out their deepest desires and fantasies, probably because they feel they are weird. Do not be that couple! If there is anywhere communication is important in a relationship, it is in the bedroom. Talk about those desires, and the other party should be open to trying them out. You must talk about your fantasies, and with time you can explore them. Nothing is too wild or dirty between partners in love and the bedroom. You can start from the milder fantasies as you build your way up. Remember we all only live once.

If you’re unsure where to start or what to do first – write all of the options out and draw them out of a hat at random. The spontaneity of not knowing what will be chosen will make the experience even more fun.

Talk Dirty to each other during sex

Yes, children should not be allowed to use those words, but you are not children. You are two adults in love, in the sanctuary of your bedroom. Whisper those dirty words in her ears, in a husky voice tell her those dirty words. A lot of people get turned on by dirty talks irrespective of their genders. Be sure to understand what is your partner’s turn ons and turnoffs as what might be appealing to some can be a complete turnoff to others. Also, give your partner some leeway as sometimes what’s said in the heat of the moment isn’t the most well thought out lines!

Explore your partner’s body

Make it a thing to learn about your partner’s body every time you have sex. You can never exhaust the new things you can learn about her body or his body. Run your hands, use your tongue, and your lips. Explore the fetish they didn’t even know they have. Don’t be ashamed or shy to touch your partner in all the “forbidden” places. You might just end up landing an orgasm you have never reached and that would do great wonders for your love life. Even consider exploring parts of your partner’s body that you wouldn’t traditionally consider sexual, as these sensual activities can heighten the eventual foreplay which results.


There you have it, 5-simple things you must keep doing in the bedroom. They are new every day. Remember, your bedroom must never get boring if you want to keep the colors and spice of your love life.

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