5 Tips for Dealing With Contractors

Contractors are an important asset when you’re undertaking a project at home. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to build a house, create an extension, remodel, or just need a fence put in. You need a contractor that will do the job properly, for a fair price, and that it will last.

That’s why many people consider using a labor hire firm to get the staff they need. Workers taken from labor hire agencies are pre-vetted by the agency and have the skills you need. They are also employed by the agency, all you have to do is pay the agency for them.

This gives you an avenue to voice concerns and have things rectified without having to engage in heated confrontations. If you don’t like the labor hire person you simply return them!

However, if you’re dead set on contractors doing the work then you need to consider the following 5 tips:


  1. Get A Quote

The first thing you should do when looking for a contractor is to get several quotes from possible firms. This gives you the opportunity to talk to each contractor and decide if you’re able to get along with them. You must take someone on that that you can talk to, otherwise, they’ll do the job they want to do rather than the one you wanted to be done.

Getting a quote from several contractors also allows you to compare prices. If they are all offering the same work the prices should be comparable. Be wary of anyone charging significantly less or more than other contractors.

If they’re charging less they could be cutting corners and more may simply be ripping you off.

The other huge benefit of getting a quote is that the price is set, you won’t get a nasty surprise when the work is finished.

It’s a good idea at this point to check the reputation of the contractors you’re reviewing. Speak to family and friends to find out if they’ve used any contractors recently and what they thought of them. It’s also a good idea to check on social media, you’ll find an array of opinions regarding specific contractors.

Just remember, not all reviews are positive and that’s okay, as long as most of them are.


  1. Agree The Hours & Penalty

Before you take on a contractor you should be very clear about what hours you expect them to be on site. These should be agreed upon with them. This helps to make sure the contractors start at the time they are supposed to and finish on schedule. You may be thinking about your own sanity or that of your neighbors, but you need to make sure they finish at the right time.

This is also the opportunity to discuss the schedule and make sure they have a definitive date for when they will be finishing their part of the project. It’s important to agree to this and to set a penalty if they overrun. This will help to make sure your project finishes on time.


  1. Changes In Writing

Perhaps the most important tip is to put everything in writing. This starts with your written acceptance of the contract, detailing the hours, deadlines, and penalties. It’s essential to add any changes in writing, including if they affect the price.

Part of this is to help ensure that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises at the end of the project. But, it also serves as a useful tool if you and the contractor fall out and the matter has to be resolved by the courts. You’ll have all the proof you need that you’ve adhered to the agreement and they haven’t.


  1. Keep Communicating

It’s essential that you choose someone you can talk to. You will then be able to communicate with them once or twice a day and make sure everything is on track. They can notify you of changes, or any issues. You can also use the opportunity to address any concerns and deal with changes that need to be made.

Don’t expect the process to be plain sailing, there are likely to be adjustments to a project, sometimes they are inevitable.


  1. Let Them Work

Finally, while communication is essential it is best to do this once or twice a day at scheduled times. The rest of the time you need to leave your contractor to get the work done. You’ve taken the time to vet them, check their reputation, and have chosen them. Now you need to leave them to get on with their job.

This is important if you want the job to be finished properly and on time.

Using these tips you should have no problem finding a good contractor and having the job completed on time. This will allow you to relax and enjoy whatever project has been completed.

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