5 Tips for Overcoming a Fear of the Dentist

Young or old, we’re all vulnerable to having a fear of the dentist. Of course, it’s irrational to be afraid of something that’s there to help you. That doesn’t change the fact that some of us are terrified by the thought of getting in that chair. 

How can you get over it, though? You’ve got to go to the dentist, so you either get over the fear or just suffer through it for the rest of your life. We’re going to take a look at five ideas you can use to try and reduce your phobia of the dentist.

1. Ask Questions While You’re There

The tough part is often having a lot of unknown machinery in your mouth. It seems like you’re just there as some kind of lab experiment, and you have no idea what that saw noise on your molar is even there for. 

When you start to hear the ringing of your teeth against spinning metal, your amygdala rings the alarm bells. One way to deconstruct that fear is to just ask what the dentist is about to do. 

Let them know that you’d like them to tell you what they’re doing before they start on a new procedure.

2. Go To The Same Dentist

You should try to find a dentist that you prefer and stick with them. The fear is often tied up with the fact that you don’t know the person putting metal tools into your mouth. 

When you know them, you’ll get used to the idea of working with them. You’ll become friendly after a few visits, and you might find that it’s easier to get in the dentist’s chair. 

3. Pinpoint Your Fear

Understand why you think you’re afraid of the dentist. 

Did you have a bad experience when you were young? Do the sounds remind you of something traumatic? Is there an issue with offering up your control to someone else?

If you have trouble getting to the root, you might want to consult with a counselor. Figuring out the source of the issue is the best way to eliminate it forever.

4. Seek Out Gentle Dental

If your dentist isn’t doing the trick for you, try to find one who isn’t as abrasive in their approach. 

Dentists are unique people, and they all have different styles. Some are rougher than others, and your rough dentist won’t help to ease your fears at all. 

Find a gentle dentist who can get the job done without grinding the peace and calm out of your brain. Learn more on gental dental and find out to seek out a more forgiving dentist. 

5. Go More

When you go to the dentist frequently, you reduce the amount of intense dental procedures that you have to go through. 

Keep things clean and tidy with the help of your dentist, and you’ll find that things aren’t as hard to get through. The real anxiety-inducing stuff happens when you’re dealing with heavy procedures.

Overcoming Your Fear of The Dentist?

Coming to terms with your fear of the dentist can be a tough thing to do on your own. We’re here to help. There are a lot of different approaches you can use to reduce the amount of anxiety and fear you experience at the dentist’s office. 

Explore our site for more ideas and insight into dental anxiety, self-soothing, wellness, and more. 

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