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5 Tips for Shipping a Car Across the US

When you’re planning for a long-distance move, make shipping a car across the US an easy transition with these great moving tips.

Driving for long periods isn’t just an annoyance it also can cause physical and mental harm. The last thing you need is to add stress to the strain of moving across the country.

If you are planning a big move then skip the hours of driving time by shipping a car across the US. Then relax as you arrive at your new home by plane with your car waiting for you.


Read on to discover 5 tips to make shipping your car easy.

  1. Find a Trustworthy Shipping Company

Your car is a precious commodity so you might ask “should I ship my car or drive to keep it safe?” You might hesitate to put your car into the hands of another driver, but driving it yourself is a time-consuming hassle.

Finding a trustworthy long distance mover can reassure you that your car will make it to its destination in one piece. The best companies are reputable and take precautions like checking your car for pre-shipping damage and hazards then covering your car for protection during its journey.


  1. Clean it Inside and Out

When shipping your car across the country, you want to be sure it is cleaned before handing it over to the moving company. It will help them view and keep track of any scratches or marks on the outside of the car.

Clearing out the inside of the car will limit the temptation for thieves to break in. While it can be tempting for you to pack some of your belongings for the ride, many companies don’t allow the extra weight or liability.


  1. Check the Tire Pressure

It can be dangerous to transport a car across the country without having enough air in your tires. They could damage your wheels or go flat, causing the car to fall off of the truck or tow.

It takes a few minutes to check and fill your tires before shipping a car long distances.


  1. Be Sure You Have Insurance for Shipping

Check your insurance company to see how much coverage you have for transporting your car. The moving company might also have liability coverage.

The shipping a car cost doesn’t include additional coverage, so you might have to purchase insurance to cover the value of your car if you feel it is necessary.


  1. Consider the Timing and Destination

Shipping your car across the country can take days and maybe weeks, depending on the availability of transportation. However, your flight will only take a few hours. You want to have your car in your new city when you arrive, but you also don’t want to pay for storage fees.

Ask your mover where the car can be dropped off and how much time it will take. See if it is possible to drop your car off at your new home. If it is stored at a facility then ask about parking costs.

Plan on leaving the day that your car arrives.


Shipping a Car Across the US is Cheaper Than You Think

When you consider the cost of gas, hotel stays, and food then shipping a car across the US is much cheaper in comparison. Unless you want to make a road trip out of your move, flying to your new home is the most convenient and economical option.

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