5 Tips in Acing iPhone Mystery Games

People have been playing mystery games for decades. It began with Jury Box, a murder mystery game released in the late 1930s by Roy Post and American toy manufacturer Parker Brothers. It’s a game where players guess if the defendant is guilty or innocent.

If you’re the type who loves challenges and unraveling the truth, mystery games may be your cup of tea. Mystery games have evolved through time. Some became more interactive by providing details before the game. Some became video-based, while others were in the form of escape rooms. You don’t have to be the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes to be able to solve these either!

But which mystery games for iPhone are best for you? How can you ace a game you haven’t played yet? They say you need an inquisitive mind, good senses, and quick wit to solve cases quickly. Continue reading to learn more!

1) Understanding the gameplay

Playing a game for fun is good, but playing the game to win is even better. When it comes to mystery games, it’s best to understand what’s happening before plunging into the gameplay.

Aside from knowing which buttons to push, it’s also important to know the rules of the game. There are also certain characters you can who can point you to quests to increase life points. 

Understanding the game is part of the fun. It makes you a better player! While other players suggest skimming through the game first, some prefer to read materials before facing the challenges head-on. 

It’s also necessary to understand the game’s environment. Just because it’s a mystery game, it doesn’t mean it’s all blood and gore. You will realize why the game is unique because of its gameplay. It’s not always the same with mystery games.

2) Learning the storyline

A gripping storyline is what makes a book, a movie, and a TV series addicting. It keeps us on the edge of our seats. When the characters go on a new adventure or when the story reaches its climax, you know you’re in for a ride. The same goes for games. 

While some game developers improve gameplay in every release, some focus on creating a much better storyline than the last. It’s the soul of the game, after all. A better storyline means greater enjoyment. Some players are after the storyline more than the graphics, so these types of games appeal to them more.

Mystery games are more exciting when new characters appear. Additional locations also mean longer play hours because there is more to explore. Plot twists are extremely important to the game since it’s the reason why players started in the first place. With all these, the newly-released game will be as fresh as how it first came out.

It’s hard to progress in a game without properly learning the storyline. There may be unexpected scenes and extra side quests that you will miss. Some characters are vital to your gameplay’s success too! Once you realize where the storyline is going, you’ll have an easier time playing.

3) Double-check every clue

It’s not a mystery game if you are not collecting clues. Otherwise, there’s no fun in playing, and you won’t be able to solve it. From torn letters to abandoned warehouses, clues can be found anywhere in the game.

Each mystery game has a different way of collecting clues. Some would ask you to take a side quest, while some involve solving puzzles. These clues are an essential part of the game, and it takes you one step closer to solving the mystery.

It’s also important to check which clues are real. There are mystery games that include fake clues to sabotage the storyline or confuse the players, so always make sure to double-check.

4) Don’t trust anyone

It’s hard to trust people, especially in the 21st century. Whether you’ve known them for years or just met them online, putting your faith in them poses a risk that could endanger your life. There have been instances of missing people or stolen possessions because they trusted a person too much.

This is also the case with mystery games. The senile old man could be the murderer, or the kind teacher could be the werewolf haunting the school grounds. It’s always the least likely person that happens to be the main suspect.

How do you know who to trust? It’s almost always the character you went solving the mystery with. It’s the non-playable character (NPC) that could be a parent, a friend, or an assistant.

5) Knowing how to use these to your advantage

Learning new things is the best way to move forward, whether you like it or not. It’s just how life works. Understanding why we need to struggle first before learning something valuable is proof that we are making progress as humans. As British author C.S. Lewis puts it, “Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.”

The same is applicable when playing mystery games. Acing it isn’t hard if you already know what to do. It also helps if you know where to go and how to solve the mystery behind it. Use every clue to your advantage. Make sure you understand each character you talked to. It’s these things that elevate your play to better enjoyment.

It’s also important to finish the game with winning in mind. Playing should be fun. Just remember that not everything can be solved quickly. Be patient enough, and you’ll get there.


Games should be a fun learning experience. It’s made for you and everyone else to enjoy. You shouldn’t be pressured because a friend finished it earlier than you did. Though some games are simpler and easier to understand compared to others, it’s still best played with friends.

Mystery games are an amazing way to test skills and brainpower. What are you waiting for? Visit now and see which mystery games you can play on your iPhone!

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