5 Top Tips To Find Work Faster

Sometimes it can be very challenging going job hunting, even if you have the skills, qualifications, and hands-on experience.

For some lucky individuals, the process of finding and landing the right job might prove quick and easy, but for the majority, at times it can be a battle and drawn-out process to find employment.

This article goes over some tips and advice that will help you find work sooner rather than later.

#1- Tailor Your Cover Letter and Resume To Suit the Job

Cover letters and resumes don’t have to remain set in stone. They can be changed and altered at any time. It’s a wise move to construct your cover letter and especially your resume to suit the position you’re applying for.

An example of this might be to rearrange your work history. Let’s say you’re applying to be a bartender and you did bartend 3 jobs ago. Even though your work history will end up being out of chronological order, it makes more sense to move that previous bartender position to the top of the list so it stands out prominently.

#2- Take Advantage of Your Online and Offline Networks

These days it doesn’t matter whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, as the internet and social media tend to make things a more level playing field. We all have offline and online contacts, so if you’re in the market for a new job, spread the word among your peers and see what comes back.

The good thing about the internet is you gain access to friends of friends and the word can be spread very quickly. It’s certainly not a medium that should be discounted or underused.

#3- Join Job Agencies That Help You Find Jobs

You have a few options here. If you’re already employed but want to enlist the assistance of an employment agency to help you find a better position with more pay, then you have quite a few agencies to choose from. Many of them only charge the employer a fee and not the job seeker.

To assist the unemployed who are on a Centrelink benefit to find work in Australia, job active providers are the way to go. These companies offer the tools, training, personal development, and access to job boards to help you find work as soon as possible. They also liaise with potential employers and can help you get job interviews.

A huge advantage to this approach is you get a foot in the door, rather than posting off or emailing a resume and hoping you get noticed.

#4- Search For Jobs Online Every Chance You Get

In Australia, there are several websites dedicated to advertising positions vacant in every industry in the country. You can filter your search to include only your area and the types of jobs you’re interested in. Some of the popular sites are:

  • CareerOne
  • Seek
  • Indeed
  • Jobwire
  • Gumtree
  • Adzuna
  • Job Seeker
  • JobSearch
  • And more…

Another advantage to searching online is you can do it any time of the day or night from the comfort of home. Online job portals can be updated to include new positions 24/7, so it’s wise to monitor these websites regularly so you can be one of the first to apply as soon as a job is made available.

#5- Be Prepared To Be Flexible and Remain Persistent

You may not find the ideal job right away, but it’s still better to have some sort of job and money coming in. Therefore, if you allow yourself to be flexible and not adopt an ‘all or nothing’ approach, you’ll likely be able to secure a different position – even if it’s part-time or temporary – while still hunting for the job you want.

Persistence is also the key. Anyone who gives up too soon gains nothing. If you truly have your heart and mindset on landing a particular job role, keep going after it and do everything you can think of to make yourself the prime candidate when that position does become available.

Finding a good job doesn’t have to be near impossible. Following these tips and getting some support will land you a role sooner.

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