5 Tragic Signs You Need a Mac Computer Repair

Whiz, Wer, Click. What is your Mac saying to you? Read our quick essential guide to find out if you need a Mac computer repair.

Apple products are some of the best out there and this includes Mac computers like the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Even though they are top-notch, things can still go wrong and Mac computers can still age. Because of this, you may find yourself seeking out a Mac computer repair.

When will that time come? It can be difficult to tell which is why we’re here to help you deduce if you need to take your computer in for repairs. Let’s take a look.

1. So Much Noise

Wait a minute, Mac computers make noise? Yes, but they aren’t supposed to. The source of this noise is the internal fan.

To keep the computer cool while it’s in use for long periods, there is a fan that blows whenever it’s on and all computers have this. Under a few different circumstances, this fan can start to spin faster, causing it to make a loud, muffled whirring sound. So now you may ask, how do I turn off the fan noise on my Mac?

Before we delve into this let’s go over some of the reasons it’s too loud, one being that there is too much dust and dirt in the way, causing the fan to have to work harder to cool down the system. Another similar reason is insufficient airflow throughout the system. A more difficult issue to detect is malicious or malfunctioning software which can also cause the fan to go into overdrive.

This can become more of a problem in old Mac computers but is still a prominent issue in newer systems. You can’t turn off the fan noise without taking apart your laptop which can damage the system if you don’t do it properly. So, if your fan starts to get very loud, you should consider taking it in for repairs.

2. Too Hot To Handle

Sometimes you may notice that your Mac computer, more so with MacBooks, will get very hot. So hot in fact that it hurts your fingers just to touch some of the keys. Remember how we said the fan cools down the computer?

If you have any issues with the computer fan, then it’s very likely that your computer is also way too hot. If it’s too hot, however, don’t just jump to a repair shop as it could be because you have it on your lap which makes it difficult for air to pass through and cool it down.

3. Too Slow

Also, a problem with old Mac computers is slowing down. This means the time it takes to open a web browser takes forever, it takes too long to run a program, or it even takes too long to boot up your system. This can be for several reasons.

In terms of applications taking forever to run, this could be because as those programs have updated, they’ve exceeded the limitations of your current computer. If it’s exceeded a RAM limitation, you can always visit the shop to upgrade your RAM. The slowdown can also be because of malware and such placing weight on the hardware.

4. No More Space

Whether you’re an avid picture taker, an intense gamer, or an unorganized filmmaker, it can be quite easy to run out of storage space on your device. When this happens, you’ll get a message telling you so and it will allow you to delete some things to free up space. The chances are, there won’t be much to delete.

At this point, you can buy an external hard drive to store some media on, but they won’t all be in one place. A good place to start is to visit the repair shop and upgrade the amount of storage you have on your device much like you would if you were upgrading the RAM on your computer.

5. Physical Damage

This one is fairly straightforward. Any physical damage like a cracked screen, dents in the computer, or even water damage should prompt you to take it in to get fixed. Before you pay full price, check to see if you have Apple Warranty.

Whenever you purchase an Apple product, you’re given the option to purchase an Apple Warranty with it. This will cover the cost of fixing all damages that occur to the device during the timeframe of the warranty. There are some things however it does not cover like water damage.

The Apple Warranty is great, but if you don’t have it or yours has expired, then you’ll have to pay full price for the repairs. Your first instinct may be to take it to the Apple Store, but that may cost you more money.

A smart way to go about it is to take it to the Apple store to see how much the repair will cost and then take it to a smaller general computer repair shop.

Ask them how much the repair will cost and it’ll most likely be a lot cheaper than if you were to have it done through Apple. So if you’re trying to save money, this is the way to go.

Mac Computer Repair: This Isn’t the End

While the thought of a Mac computer repair may seem tragic and the start of your device’s downfall, it’s not the end. Chances are, it’s just a small issue that needs repairing and once it’s fixed, you’ll be good to go for years to come.

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