5 Trendy Styles Of Long Sleeves Funny T-shirts

Since their invention in the 19th century, t-shirts have been a basic piece of clothing in every man’s wardrobe. The changing fashion industry has also acclimatized to the idea of a t-shirt as a stylish piece of apparel. As a result, there are innumerable funny t shirts for men available online these days. Now one cannot just pick up a random t-shirt and wear it. Clothes define us and our thoughts. Hence, careful selection is needed when it comes to choosing clothes because they are a true mirror of our personality. Wish to flaunt your sense of humor or show-off your love for nature, pick out t-shirts with prints that complement your train of thought.

While it may seem a difficult task but with the variety of funny t shirts online, upgrading your style and bringing your A-game on all occasions is quite convenient. Knowing how to style the t-shirts right is the key to success when it comes to upping your fashion game. Half-sleeved t-shirts have been a classic for a long time. But it is the long sleeve t-shirts that are changing the face of the men’s fashion game. With so much variety of readymade long sleeve t-shirts available online, the options are innumerable. One can also create customized long sleeve t-shirts at websites such as Printshop by Designhill. The t-shirt maker helps in creating t-shirts according to one’s liking. There are numerous patterns and attractive illustrations available at the online library of Designhill.


Whether you are designing your t-shirt using a t-shirt maker or buying a readymade t-shirt online, styling a long sleeve t-shirt is essential. But before we talk about styling and teaming up with the right accessories, let us first take a glimpse at the key points to be kept in mind when purchasing long sleeve funny t shirts for men.

  • Know your personal style and choose the long sleeve t-shirts accordingly. Whether you love comfort over style or wish to stay up-to-date with the current trends? Make an informed choice based upon your style.
  • Understand the different fabrics available and choose the ones that complement your physique rather than making you look unflattering.
  • Choose the colors that complement your skin tone. Lighter shades for pale skin-tones only make the person look washed-out and dull.
  • Consider your body type when opting for a slim-fit long sleeve t-shirt. Men with athletic physique can carry off slim fit t-shirts properly in comparison to skinny guys.

It is not only styling that is essential. If the t-shirt that you have bought doesn’t suit you, no amount of styling would help. But with the above-discussed points, men can understand what to expect and remember when shopping for funny t shirts online.


Styling options for long sleeve t-shirts are plenty. Enhancing the overall look of an outfit with a long sleeve t-shirt is quite easy if you follow the trending styles that we are going to unveil here.

1.) Amp up your style game with a long sleeve t-shirt under a half sleeve t-shirt

Layering clothes is very much in trend. It provides a good amount of contrast and can be mixed and matched to create different looks for different occasions. Wear two funny t shirts for men of different sleeve lengths to layer them right.

  • Looks especially good when the under t-shirt is a bit longer in length than the one you wear above it. You can choose a solid color long sleeve t-shirt to be worn under a half sleeve t-shirt of a neutral black or white color.
  • Stripes are a great choice of pattern for long-sleeved under t-shirts. One can also choose to wear long sleeve t-shirts with other geometric patterns such as checks, etc.
  • For guys who look skinny when wearing a t-shirt can opt for a baggy look. Consider loose funny t shirts online to create a lounge-friendly and comfy look. Team up the t-shirts with baggy cargos or denim and a pair of white sneakers. If you are into accessories, you can also wear layered chains and a cap for a ‘too-cool-to-handle’ vibe.

2.) Set the trend with a long sleeve t-shirt and a dark denim

When paired with the perfect t-shirt, a dark washed-out pair of denim exudes just the right amount of cool and class. Style your favorite long sleeve t-shirt from Printshop by Designhill with denim for a ‘rugged’ cool look.

  • A dark pair of denim and a matching beanie is an all-time winner. Enhance your casual guy-next-door look with a complementing long sleeve t-shirt in a solid color. If you are wearing charcoal-grey denim with a beanie of the same color, consider wearing subtle shades of light sky-gray or even blush pink.
  • Guys normally think of pink as a color for girls and women. Let’s debunk this myth by creating an exuberant look of long sleeve funny t shirts for men in tones of pink with a pair of denim, followed by a pair of white sneakers to create the perfect in-contrast look.
  • If you wish to go down a safer and classic route, pair a striped long sleeve t-shirt with a low-waist pair of jeans. You can enhance the overall look by adding a leather or faux leather belt with a bold buckle.


3.) Achieve a quirky look by pairing the long sleeve t-shirt with a pair of shorts

Never would anyone have imagined wearing full sleeve funny t shirts online with shorts. But this is what is trending and we are in love with the look. While wearing shorts to the office may not be deemed suitable, you can always wear them on vacations or when hanging out with friends.

  • White shorts and a vibrant-colored long sleeve t-shirt with bold prints make for an eye-catching outfit. Complete the look with a pair of comfortable sneakers or loafers.
  • Team up funny t shirts for men with a hat, football socks, sneakers, and a pair of matching shorts to achieve the perfect country look and switch the vacation mode on.
  • Long sleeve t-shirts made with high-quality breathable fabric are quite comfortable to wear all day long. When going to watch a game of soccer with friends, throw on a long-sleeve printed t-shirt and a pair of cool shorts, comfortable footwear, and a pair of sunglasses.

4.) Get the perfect workwear with a long sleeve t-shirt and matching blazer

There is a vast array of funny t shirts online with minimalistic prints that are suitable for formal and semi-formal events. If styled properly, long sleeve t-shirts make for a great office wear outfit.

  • Increase the style quotient at work with a pair of fitted cargo pants, a striped long sleeve t-shirt from Printshop by Designhill, and a contrasting blazer with a single button in the middle.
  • Going for a conference or business meeting to another city via airplane? Wear a long sleeve t-shirt and blazer for a sharp look. Create the perfect outfit with dress shoes and a pair of jeans.
  • Monochrome is back in trend. Tuck your favorite funny t shirts for men in high-waisted dress pants and top it off with a matching blazer.


5.) Ace the athleisure look with a long sleeve t-shirt and joggers

Men’s joggers have become a favorite among the loungewear category. Athleisure is a current fashion trend that is an amalgamation of comfort and style in athletic wear. There are various full sleeve funny t shirts online that you can style with joggers to create an impressive yet casual look.

  • When heading to the gym, pull-off the perfect workout look with a black long-sleeve t-shirt and a pair of joggers for men. Make sure that the material of the clothing is breathable. Complete the look with a trendy duffle bag or a hold-all.
  • Pair a striped or camouflage printed jogger with a plain long sleeve t-shirt for a comfy and laid-back vibe on a weekend getaway with friends and family.
  • Men’s joggers are also extremely comfortable for a road trip. Amp up your style and create a perfect balance of comfort and fashion with long sleeve funny t shirts for men and joggers. Complete the look with a cool pair of sunglasses and comfy sneakers.

When experimenting with long sleeve t-shirts, let your imagination run wild and come up with new trends to create a charming outfit. Or just take the help of the style tips discussed above. You can also create customized long sleeve t-shirts. Use the t-shirt maker tool from websites such as Printshop by Designhill and create a t-shirt that is true to your style and personality.

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