5 Tricks to Improve Self-esteem During the Pandemic


far-reaching and wide-ranging effects

make it among the most devastating crises in recent memory. Financially secure individuals have suffered from anxiety and depression as a direct result of the pandemic. For many, COVID-19 affected how they view themselves and their capacity to overcome such a troubling period in their lives.

If you happen to be among those millions whose self-confidence took a direct hit due to the pandemic, you have to fight back and do everything to take it back. To help you out, here are five tricks that will revitalize and improve your self-confidence amid COVID-19:

Do volunteer or charity work

The pandemic may have brought out the worst in many individuals, but it also brought out the best in people. Specifically, the current crisis has seen a huge rise in volunteerism in which people were more than willing to extend help in ways they could even though they, too, are struggling to survive.

One simple way to make yourself feel good and worthy is to volunteer your time and talent to organizations that do outreach programs in communities that are hardest hit by the situation.

Additionally, you should consider doing charity work through donations if you can spare some of your food, clothing, medicines, and money. You can directly give them to homeless people or just hand your donations to the church or some charitable institutions – either of which is good.

Improve your physical appearance

How you look and how people perceive you through your physical appearance have a direct effect on your self-esteem level. If you look horrible due to a lack of self-care, people would have a negative impression of you. This could make you feel ashamed or force you to engage in a pity party.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to boost your physical appearance. If you have bad posture, for example, you can simply go to a licensed chiropractor to have your posture corrected. Do you have bad teeth? No worries – your friendly community dentist will take care of your dental needs. Not pretty or handsome enough? A visit to a stylist and dermatologist is all you need.

Maintain self-care

People who neglect their well-being are automatically at a disadvantage when it comes to self-confidence. It’s hard to feel good about yourself when you’re unwell due to poor physique and improper diet, as well as hygiene. And so, the way to counter this is to maintain self-care through regular exercise, proper diet, and great personal hygiene.

It also won’t hurt if you do meditation and have plenty of sleep and rest each day, so you’ll have peace of mind and a well-rested body. With your physical and mental states both in perfect condition, improved self-confidence will follow naturally.

Focus more on the positive and less on the negative

A lot of problems stemming from low self-esteem are caused by people’s manners of perceiving things and events around them. If you’re currently struggling to maintain your self-belief, you have to take note of your perceptions of your current situation. Do you mostly see negativity, or do you focus on the bright side of things?

If you fall in the first category, then that is where you must make a monumental shift. Instead of delving too much into how bad things are, accept that there are matters beyond your control. By accepting such truth, you’ll know better than to wallow in negativity and instead direct your attention to the good things that are going for you.

With this shift in perception, you’ll have a sunnier attitude about your plight and enjoy a level of confidence that will help you weather this storm.

Learn new skills or pursue your old passion

There are times when people lose faith in themselves because they no longer feel they’re doing something worthwhile or meaningful. It’s something that could happen even to the most accomplished individuals, so it’s something that one must not be ashamed of.

If you’re currently dealing with this predicament, there are two things you can do to reverse the situation. First, you can learn new skills that will make you productive during your spare time, such as baking or carpentry. The other trick is to pursue an old passion that you’ve relegated to the sidelines due to your busy schedule.

These two workarounds will surely give back a big chunk of your lost self-esteem, which is something that you’ll need to survive this crisis

Taking back your lost confidence won’t be a walk in the park, but is something worth all the trouble if it means surviving the pandemic like a champ.

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